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Sansu Shrine

Sansu Shrine is the Memorial Temple of Three Sus in the southwest section of Meishan city proper. It is the former residence of the three great poets ( Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe) in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Their residence was reconstructed as a memorial temple in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was worshiped by numerous litterateurs as well as the masses. 

Sansu Temple1.jpgThe former residence of Su family is originally a courtyard of 5 mu. In Yuan Dynasty, the courtyard was constructed as an ancestral temple, which was later destroyed in war at the end of Ming Dynasty. In the fourth year of Kangxi (1665 A.D.) in Qing Dynasty, an similar temple was reconstructed at the former address. Afterwards, in the following dynasties the temple has experienced expansion and rebuilding through repair, amendment and supplement. Until now it has become a classical landscaping garden covering nearly 104 mu. 

The curtilage of Sansu Memorial Temple is red-wall encircled with clean water hovering, age-old tree flourishing, green bamboo covering, which has given the life here a feature of island quiet in the environment of water and bamboo. The pavilions, terraces and towers here are of primitive simplicity and elegance; the meanings of art works on steles and couplets in temple are profound and lasting. 

In the memorial temple, apart from the statues of Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe, more than ten statues are standing here including those of Mrs. Cheng, Womenfolk and the six Childes of Su family, etc. With regards to the relics of Su family house, only the Mujiashan Hall, the Ancient Well and the Ink-stone Washing Pool, etc. are left. Well-reserved antique buildings inside are the Qixian Hall, Laifeng Pavilion, Yunyu Building, Mo’s Works Cluster, Kuaiyu Pavilion, Pifeng Kiosk, Ruilian Pavilion, and so on. Su’s patriarchal clan, the sanctum of Su Shi and his brother, the original source of Su Ancestral Temple are also exhibited there. 

There are also stone tablets of inscriptions from Emperor Song-Xiao in Song Dynasty, Jiang Zhongzheng and Liu Xiang. In addition, forest of steles here boasts the max. quantity of original scripts by Su Shi in China. Within the Sansu Memorial Temple, more than five thousand of literature and cultural relics relating to the “Three Sus” (Su Shi, Su Xun and Su Zhe), are treasured up and displayed, which have already been widely recognized as the most famous human landscape in Sichuan and Chongqing.

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