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Wawushan National Forest Park

Wawushan.jpgWawushan National Forest Park, with a total area of 1.04 million mu (268 square miles), is China's biggest national forest which is located in Wawushan Town, Meishan City of southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The Wawushan Mountain area is one of China’s most famous historic and cultural mountains, known as one of the cradles of Taoism.Together with Mt. Emei it is reputed to be one of the two wonders of Sichuan dating back to the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties.The natural wonder and beautiful scenery of the mountain has drawn millions of visitors over the years.

What to see?

Wawu Mountain,Rising straight up out of the ground, Wawushan Mountain has a table-like flat top, and is thus called the “Table of God”. It is the world’s second largest mesa, and is recognized as the most beautiful shooting spot by Chinese National Geography magazine.

Shuangdongxi Brook, a beautiful miniature water world.

Yuanyangchi Pond, a blue crystal pond found hidden in the forest.

Yanvhu Lake, a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by mountains.

Wawu Mt.jpg

Lanxi Waterfall, a “waterfall museum” with 72 waterfalls formed by 102 springs which originate at the top of the mountain. Lanxi Waterfall has a relative fall of 1,040 meters, which is the world’s largest.

Qianwozi/Guanputing Pavilion, the best viewing spot at Wawushan National Forest Park.

After being closed for six years due to reconstruction, Wawushan National Forest Park was  reopened  in 2018 ,with a capacity of 3,500 tourists per day. 

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