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Ziyang Travel Guide

sichuan map.jpgSituated in the center of Sichuan Province, Ziyang is 87 kilometers (54 miles) southeast of the provincial capital, Chengdu and a little over 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) southwest of the vast municipality of Chongqing.Ziyang is rich in tourism resources. The Stone Carvings in Anyue County are awarded “Village of Chinese Folk Stone Carving Art” by the National Ministy of Culture, inherited from Dunhuang Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes and enlighten the Dazu Stone carvings, with a total amount of over 100,000 stone statues.

Facts of Ziyang

Chinese Name: 资阳市 (zī yáng shì)
Population: 4,900,000  
Area: 7,962 square kilometers (3,074 square miles) 
Nationalities: Han 
Administrative Division: 1 district (Yanjiang); 2 counties (Lezhi, Anyue); 1 county-level city (Jianyang)  
Seat of the City Government: 9, Guangchang Lu, Yanjiang District,Ziyang City,Sichuan Province

History of Ziyang

World-known ancient human skull fossils, unearthed and named archaeologically “Ziyang people” in 1956, show that as early as over 35,000 years ago, hard-working and brave “Ancient People in Sichuan” had inhabited together, worked manually and lived on this land.  A county-level administrative organization was established in 135 B.C. during the Han Dynasty (206 B.B. – 220 A.D.). The city gained its name for its location north of the Zishui River (the present Tuojiang River).

Geography of Ziyang

Ziyang City lies in the center of the Sichuan Basin with higher terrain in the west and lower terrain in the east.  Its topography is ninety percent hilly and ten percent alluvial plain. The Tuojiang River flows southeast through the city.

What to see in Ziyang?

Praised as “The Back Garden of Chengdu”, Ziyang City is the place where the late Paleolithic “Ziyang people” skull fossils were unearthed. The sceneries of the lakes, the former residences of celebrities and the Anyue Stone carvings are the characteristics of the Ziyang tourism. Both Sancha Lake and Longquan Lakde are beautiful lakes in Ziyang City.

Anyue GrottoBaoguo TempleChen Yi's Former Residence
                    Anyue Grottoes         Baoguo Temple ,in Lezhi county         Former Residence of Chen Yi 

When to visit Ziyang?

While Ziyang weather avoids extremes, it still has four definitive seasons. Summers are warm but the heat is not oppressive. While winters can be chilly, snow is a rarity. January and August are the coldest and hottest months, with annual average temperatures of 6.5 and 26.5 respectively.

How to get to Ziyang?

Ziyang's transportation network is outstanding due to its geographic location. Major expressways including Chengdu-Chongqing, Guangzhou and Xiamen to Chengdu and Shanghai-Lhasa pass through the city. Convenient rail travel is available on the Chengdu-Chongqing railway. By automobile, Chengdu is about an hour away and Jianyang is about a forty-minute drive.
Bus Stations:
Ziyang Bus Station: 66, Jianshe Bei Lu, Yanjiang District
Jianyang City Bus Station: 31, Dongfeng Lu, Jiancheng Town, Jianyang City

Ziyang Travel Tips

Special Local Products: lemons, peanuts, mandarin oranges, Linjiangsi bean sauce, and bamboo articles from Anyue County.

Useful Telephone Numbers: 
Tourist Complaints: 0832-6110087  
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China: 3, first section of Yancheng Lu, Yanjiang District
China Post: 117, Jianshe Bei Lu, Yanjiang District

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