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Nanchong Tarvel Guide

sichuan map.jpgNanchong is a prefecture-level city which is located in northeastern Sichuan Province and the middle reaches of Jialing River. It neighbors Dazhou in the east, Suining in the west, Guang'an in the south, in neighborhood of Guangyuan and Bazhong in the north.

Facts of Nanchong

Chinese Name: 南充市 (nán chōng shì)
Population: 7,250,000
Area: 12,470 square kilometers (4,815 square miles)
Nationalities: Han 
Administrative Division: 3 district (Shunqing, Gaoping, Jialing); 5 counties (Nanbu, Yingshan, Peng'an, Yilong, Xichong); 1 county-level city (Langzhong)  
Seat of the City Government: 1, Fujiang Lu, Shunqing District,Nanchong City,Sichuan Province

History of Nanchong

Nanchong was in the territory of the state of Ba before it was conquered by the Qin dynasty in 314 BC. The Qin set up a government at Langzhong City. Anhan City was established in Shunqinq district at the beginning of the Han Dynasty.

In 202 BC, Emperor Gaozu of Han instituted the Anhan County in this place. Anhan literally means "to establish or stabilize Han". In 8 AD, the name was changed to Anxin  when Wang Mang seized the throne of the Han Dynasty, but it reverted to Anhan in 25 AD. It was again changed to Guozhou  in 621 AD (Tang dynasty), and then to Nanchong in 742 AD. The nickname of Nanchong is Guocheng, derived from Guozhou.

Geography of Nanchong

Generally,lying in the Sichuan Basin, the area of Nanchong can be divided into two physiographic regions: northern low mountainous area and southern hilly area. Hill is the main type of landform of the city, and its terrain declines from the north to the south.  The Jialing River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, crosses the prefecture from north to south, and there are another thirty rivers in the prefecture with a drainage basin of more than 30 square kilometres.

What to see in Nanchong?

Nanchong is popular destination in Sichuan Province. With long history and rich culture, Nanchang attracts tourists from home and abroad.  Langzhong Ancient City, one of the top 10 ancient cities in China, is the must-see place if you travl to Nanchong. Here we list  top Nanchong attarctions.

LAngzhongXishan1.jpgLangzhong Fengshui
            Langzhong Ancient City                  Wanjuan Tower                Tiangongyuan Temple
Zhouzi Ancient Town

        Zhouzi Ancient Town

When to visit Nanchong?

Bearing a subtropical humid monsoon climate, the area is characterized by warm winter, a long summer and short autumn, and spring usually comes early. It is seldom snowy and frosty. Precipitation is more common in summer. The annual average temperature of Nanchong weather falls around 17℃ (62.6℉). March to June and September to November are the best periods to pay a visit.  

How to get to Nanchong?

Transportation in Nanchong is quite convenient compared with other cities in Sichuan province because of its extensive express railway network, shipping, and air service.

By Air: Nanchong Airport is surrounded by green woods in the Gaoping District. At present, it mainly operates flights to Beijing and Guangzhou. Nanchong Railway Station is seated in 1, Tiexin Lu, Shunqing District. Trains to Chengdu will depart every two hours. Nanchong Bus Station1, Jiaxi Lu of Jialing District is the central road transport terminal of northern Sichuan. The tourist bus station in 49, Renmin Nan Lu of Shunqing District is another bus station in the city proper, and meanwhile, it is the only enterprise with car renting services that is appointed by the city's Tourism Bureau.

By Train: Dazhou–Chengdu Railway through Nanchong links Chengdu and Dazhou. The Chongqing–Lanzhou Railway, when in 2015, will link Lanzhou (Gansu) and Chongqing, and turn Nanchong into a railway hub in northeast Sichuan province. The Nanchong railway station provides passenger and cargo services to several regional and national economic centres such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

By Bus: Nanchong is a transport hub of the northeast Sichuan Province, it is crossed by the strategic China National Highway 318, built by the Chinese government in the 1930s, and China National Highway 212 and several newly built expressways, Cheng-Nan, and Nan-Guang expressway which link the city to Chengdu, and another prefecture-level city Guang'an. The expressway to Chongqing is under construction.

By Water: Nanchong is suggested as a tradition shipping hub in ancient times, ships from Gansu could reach Chongqing along the Jialing river, but the river is not suitable for modern shipping.

Nanchong Tarvel Tips

Special Local Products: preserved mustard, orange, dried beef, bamboo scroll painting, satin with drawings, Shu Brocade

Useful Telephone Numbers: 
Tourist Complaints: 0817-96927, 2666800
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China: 28, Tierong Lu, Shunqing District 
China Post: 29, Renmin Zhong Lu, Shunqing District ,Nanchong City                     

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