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Guangyuan Travel Guide

sichuan map.jpgGuangyuan City is a prefecture-level city of Sichuan Province which is situated in the north of Sichuan Province. It is bordered by Gansu and Shaanxi provinces to the north and Nanchong, Mianyang and Bazhong to the south west and east.

Facts of Guangyuan

Chinese Name: 广元市 (guǎng yuán shì)
Population: 3,050,000  
Area: 16,314 square kilometers (6,299 square miles) 
Nationalities: Han   
Administrative Division: 3 districts (Lizhou, Yuanba, Chaotian); 4 counties (Wangcang, Qingchuan, Jiange, Cangxi) 
Seat of the City Government: 42, Renmin Lu, Dongba Jiedao, Lizhou District
Bank of China: Lizhou Dong Lu, Lizhou District 
China Post: Jinlun Lu, Shangxi Development Zone, Lizhou District,Guangyuan City.

History of Guangyuan

From the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC) to the Warring States Period (476BC-221BC), this city was the capital of Ju Kingdom. The Chinese named it 'Lizhou' in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), because it is the birthplace of the only female emperor in Chinese history, Empress Wu Zetian. The name of the city was changed from Lizhou to Guangyuan during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and it is still been used as the name of the district where the city government is seated. 

Geography of Guangyuan

Located in north of Sichuan Province, Guangyuan City is the point of convergence for the Micang Mountains, the Longmen Mountain and the low mountainous area in northern Sichuan Basin. To the north the area is mountainous, while the south is hilly with a lower altitude.

What to see in Guangyuan?

Guangyuan City is famous for Jianmen Shu Road (Jianmen Shudao) which is also known as the ancient plank road, was the main pass from Central China to Southwest China through Shu (old name for Sichuan). The pass runs from Hanzhong City in Shaanxi to Chengdu. The plank road is total 450 kilometers (280 miles) long with a history stretching back two thousand years. Jianmen Shu Road refers to the section of the ancient plank road near the Jianmen Pass. The Ancient Plank Road in Mingyue Gorge that was first built by the Qin States in Warring States Period is the starting point of the ancient Jianmen Shu Road.  Here lists Guangyuan Top Attractions:

Jianmen Pass Scenic AreaMingyue GorgeCuiyun Corridor
Jianmen Pass Scenic Area                       Mingyue GorgeCuiyun Corridor 
Zhaohua Ancient Town Huangze TempleGuangyuan Thousand-Buddha Grottoes
                Zhaohua Ancient Town                      Huangze Temple                       Thousand-Buddha Grottoes

When to visit Guangyuan?

Guangyuan City, a beautiful city in Sichuan Province, enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and moderate weather. Guangyuan weather has abundant rainfall and its annual average temperature falls around 16℃ . It is suggested to tour around the city in spring and autumn. 

How to get to Guangyuan?

By Air: Guangyuan Airport is located on the Longpan Mountain, 14 kilometers (9 miles) from downtown( Lizhou District). Flights to Beijing, Guangzhou and Jiuzhaigou are available.

By Train: Guangyuan is a big stop to Sichuan from the north. Through the Chengdu-Guangyuan Expressway, one can reach Chengdu Zhaojuesi Bus Station in northern Chengdu in about three hours.

By Bus: Main bus stations: 

Nanhe Bus Station: 54, Shumen Nan Lu, Lizhou District ; 

Shangxi Long-Distance Bus Station: beside the railway station in Shangxi Development Zone;  Jialing Long-Distance Bus Station: 15, first section of Shumen Bei Lu, Lizhou District (operating buses to Jiuzhaigou)

Guangyuan Travel Tips

Special Local Products: Jianmen bean curd, Cangxi Snow pear, Baihua (White Flower) Stone carvings.

Useful Telephone Numbers: 
Tourist Complaints: 0839-96927
Tourist Inquiries: 0839-3301219 
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

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