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Suzhou Attractions

What to see in Suzhou ? Suzhou has been called the “Venice of the East” because it was built around a latticework of 24 canals.  But Suzhou’s main tourist attractions are its classical Chinese gardens— intricately designed masterpieces that harmoniously blend surrounding buildings with nature (9 gardens are UNESCO World Heritage sites).  So take a gondola ride through the canals and chill out with some tea as you listen to water babbling down the rocks and into the gardens before merging into peaceful frog ponds.But still, the city is still attractively photogenic with plenty of these tourist-friendly gardens dotted around Suzhou to enjoy—about 60 remaining compared to their heyday when there were some 300 privately owned gardens.See more atrractions in Suhzou

Top Suzhou Attractions

Humble Administrator's Garden

No.1 Humble Administrator's Garden

The Humble Administrator's Garden, covering about 52,000 sq. meters, is the largest and most renowned in Suhzou city. Due to its unique designs and ethereal beauty, the garden has garnered many special honors. It is listed as a World Cultural Heritage


Tiger Hill

No.2 Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill, known also as Surging Sea Hill, is a large hillock covering about 3.5 acres (14,100 square metres) and only 118 feet (36 metres) in height. Climbing it, you will find a number of historical sites some of which can be traced back over 2,500 yea


Lingering Garden

No.3 Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden, also known as Liuyuan, is located at the outside of Changmen Gate in Suzhou City. Asthe best preserved among all the Suzhou gardens, It is also one of the four most famous gardens in China. The Lingering garden was recorded as the World&


Panmen Gate

No.4 Panmen Gate

Panmen Gate is Suzhou"s oldest and the most completely preserved part of the ruins of the ancient city of Suzhou. It has a long history of more than 2 500 years.Panmen Gate is situated at southwestern corner of Suzhou. The Panmen Gate has been renova


Zhouzhuang Water Town

No.5 Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang Water Town is situated in Kunshan City,only 30 kilometers southeast of Suzhou.Asone of the most famous water townships in China,it is noted for its profound cultural background, the well-preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant watery


Shantang Street  of Suzhou

No.6 Shantang Street of Suzhou

Shantang Street is an ancient riverside pedestrian road in northwest Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.And it is very popular with tourists. From Changmen Gate (the west gate of the ancient city) in the downtown, it winds northwest on the northern bank of the


Hanshan Temple

No.7 Hanshan Temple

HanshanTemple, also known as the Cold Mountain Temple in English, is situatedthree miles (aboutfive kilometers) from Fengqiao Old Town in Suzhou City. It is said that in the Tang Dynasty, a famous monk Han Shan came to take charge of the temple, hence its


Suzhou Silk Museum

No.8 Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museumis located in Suzhou city, which people call 'Paradise on Earth'.The entire museum design is dignified and elegant - yet unconventional - combining a sense of ancient civilization with modern style. It is divided intoeight parts:


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