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Suzhou City,located by Taihu Lake,south of Jiangsu Province.  is bordering Shanghai on the east, Wuxi City on the west and the Yangtze River on the north . As one of the most amazing towns in China, Suzhou enjoys great geography and excellent land,water and air transportation. Since Suzhou is in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and on the shores of Taihu Lake, 55 percent of its land is covered by low and smooth plains. With an altitude of 3-4 meters (9.8-13.1 feet) above sea level, the plain slopes down slightly from the west to the east. Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flow through the north of the city. Together with Taihu Lake and many small lakes such as Caohu Lake and Dianshan Lake, Suzhou ranks top amongst the well-watered areas in China. It even enjoys fame as the 'Oriental Venice'. The fertile land also made it the 'Granary of China' since ancient time.

Facts of Suzhou

Chinese name: 苏州
Location: east of China, near to Shanghai
Area: 8,488 square kilometers (3,276.4 square miles) 
Population: 11,769,100 (statistics in 2010)
Nationalities: Han, Hui, and Manchu 

Dialing code: 0521
Zip code: 215000
Main attractions: Taihu Lake, Humble Administrator Garden, Panmen Gate, Tiger Hill, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Lion Grove Garden, the Lingering Garden, Master of Nets Garden, etc

Administration Distribution 
Suzhou is composed of Suzhou Downtown and 5 country-level cities (update in July, 2015). And Suzhou Downtown contains seven Districts: Wuzhong, Xiangcheng, Pingjiang, Canglang, Jinchang, Suzhou Industrial Park and Huqiu New Hi-tech District. 5 country-level cities are Changshu, Taichang, Kunshan, Wujiang, Zhangjiagang. Pingjiang District is the downtown area of the city, also is called Old Town. 

History of Suhzou

Known as 'Wu, Wudu, Wuzhong, Dongwu, and Wumen' in ancient China, Suzhou was established in 514 BC. Being a city with written history of more than 4000 years, it was renamed Suzhou in 589 in the Sui Dynasty (581-618). In 1982, it was selected to be a state level historical and cultural city by the State Council.

Climate of Suzhou

Suzhou has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, and cold, cloudy, damp winters with occasional flurries. The spring and autumn are much more pleasant. The annual temperature of Suzhou would be around 15.7℃. Juanuary is the coldest month with average temperature of 2.5℃. The coldest month is August, with average temperature of 30℃. 

Economic  of Suzhou
As a world famous tourism city, Suzhou also owns well developing industry properties.
Suzhou Industry Park
The Suzhou Industry Park (SIP) is the largest cooperation project between China and Singapore Government. It is located beside the beautiful Jinji Lake, which lies to the east of Suzhou Old city. On 26th February 1994, Vice Premier Li Lanqing and Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew represented China and Singapore respectively in signing the Agreement to jointly develop Suzhou Industrial Park. The project officially commenced on 12th May in the same year. SIP has a total jurisdiction area of 288 sq km, of which, the China-Singapore cooperation area covers 80 sq km with a planned residential population of 1.2 million.
Suzhou Industrial Park Export Processing Zone 
The Suzhou Industrial Park Export Processing Zone was approved to be established by the government in April 2000, with a planning area of 2.9 sq km. It is located in Suzhou Industrial Park set up by China and Singapore. Inside the Export Processing Zone, all the infrastructures are of high-standard. With the information platform and electronic methods, all the customs declaration and other procedures can be handled on line. Investors can enjoy many preferential policies.
Suzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone 
The Suzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone was established in 1990. In Nov. 1992, the zone was approved to be the national-level hi-tech industrial zone. By the end of 2007, foreign-invested companies had a total registered capital worth of USD 13 billion, of which USD 6.8 billion was paid in. SND hosts now more than 1,500 foreign companies. Some 40 Fortune 500 companies set up 67 projects in the district.

Suzhou Tourism

Tourist resources are quite abundant. Suzhou features historic and cultural sites, like water town and classic gardens. Most historic sites in Suzhou, especially classical gardens, are scattered near downtown area in Suzhou. In north of Pingjiang District is Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou Museum and Baoen Temple and other famous attractions. Guanqian Street is sited in the busiest area of Old Town and belongs to a must visit place in Suzhou. Shiquan Street, Panmen Gate is sited in the south of the city. Shiquan Street is a famous food street in Suzhou, and the famous Master of Nets Garden and Surging Waves Pavilion is along the street. Tiger Hill is near to Suzhou Train Station. Hanshan Temple is another famous attraction. Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Mudu, Luzhi are famous water towns near to Suzhou. 
Suzhou Paradise, which is a modern playgroup, is sited in Suzhou Huqiu New Hi-tech District. There are also other famous attractions, including Taihu Lake, Jinji Lake Scenic area, East Hill and West Hill, etc. 

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