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Taiwan Tourism Cities

No.1 Taichung Travel Guide

Taichung City,the third largest city of Taiwan, is the economic and cultural center and the only municipality in the middle part of the Taiwan island. The motto of Taichung is "Culture · Economy · International City". Large numbers of universiti


No.2 Kinmen Travel Guide

Kinmen is a pair of two islands right of the coast of China’s Fujian province that are part of Taiwan. Though its geographic position contradicting it’s national ties are not the only thing that’s significant about this area, as it’s one of the few places


No.3 Kaohsiung Travel Guide

Kaohsiung , also called Gaoxiong, is the second largest city of Taiwan. Kaohsung Cityis situated at the southwestern part of Taiwan. It faces the south outlet of the Taiwan Strait .Kaohsiungis enclosed by Kaohsiung County. Kaohsiung, officially named Kaoh


No.4 Taipei Travel Guide

Taipei is Taiwan's largest city as well as its economic, political, and cultural center. It is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with a lively and diversified face, filled with exuberance.Taipei is situated at the center of the Taipei Basin of the Taiw