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Taipei Travel Guide

Taibei.jpgTaipei is Taiwan's largest city as well as its economic, political, and cultural center. It is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with a lively and diversified face, filled with exuberance. Taipei is situated at the center of the Taipei Basin of the Taiwan Province and to the right bank of Danshui River. As early as four to five hundred years ago, it was a marshland covered with thick forests.

History of Taipei

In Taipei. After the Dutch colonialists were driven away by Zheng Cheng Gong, the policy of "Stationing Troops Among the Farmers" was implemented by dispatching troops to this area for reclamation of this vast marshland. In 1708 A.D. (the 47th year of Qing Emperor Kang Xi's reign), migrants from Fujian Province came to this place and set up villages. After 15 years, urban environment came into shape.

In 1875 (the 1st year of the reign of Emperor Guang Xi of the Qing Dynastery), imperial commissioner Shen Bao Zheng made Taipei the government seat in order to place the whole Taiwan administration under control. Thus the name of Taipei has come to being ever since.

What to see In Taipei ?

Taipei City is the center of tourism in the northern part of Taiwan Province. Apart from the Yang Ming Mountain and Peitou Picturesque Scenic Spot, the Taipei Park is the biggest and the earliest ever built with a Total area of 89 thousand square meters and the biggest wood-fenced zoo in scale in the province.There are many other places of historic interest and scenic beauty in Taipei, such as the Taipei City Gate, the Long Shan Temple, Bao An Palace and Confucian Temple, just to enumerate a few.

Taipei has many special local products and specialties, typical of its kind, ranging from Sheng Da Zhuang Chinese brush, Shilin pocket knives, moulding picture, artistic pottery and porcelain down to stuffed dumblings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup, all of which attract the appreciation, buying and tasting of numerous visitors.Travel to Taipei can also enjoy the key Taipei Tourist Spots and visit points such the Taiwan Palace Museumand the Yangmingshan scenic spot.

Sun Yat sen Memorial HallChiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
            Taipei 101             Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall           Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  Taipei National Palace Museum      Yangming Mountain    Tianhou Temple

How to get there ?

The largest of Taiwan’s four international airports, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport serves the city of Taipei. This airport is among the world’s 20 busiest airports in terms of passenger numbers. Our guide to the airport includes contact details as well as information on terminal facilities, public transportation and nearby hotels.

Airport news: Construction of a new Terminal 3 begun in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Information: There are information desks (tel: (03) 398 3728) and tourist services counters in both terminals – English is spoken.

Transfer between terminals: Shuttle buses and the driverless Skytrain shuttle provide regular free transportation between the terminals.

When to visit Taipei ?

Located in the subtropical ocean, Taipei offers visitors comfortable weather and has no winter all the year round. With the pleasant climate, it can sustain vast biology resources. It is a place worth visiting for its natural sights, such as the high and steep mountains and the dense atmosphere of seashore holidays.Taipei has beautiful warm climate all year round. You can leave your winter coat behind but are advised to bring an umbrella.The island lies on an earthquake fault line, and there have been big earthquakes in modern times. Read More: Taiwan Climate & Weather

Taipei Travel Tips

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