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Chengcing Lake

Chengcing Lake.jpgChengcing Lake has an area of 103 hectares, and the lake, which contains as much as 33.7 million cubic meters of water, is the largest lake in Kaohsiung. The scenic area, which spans 275 hectares, is a scenic area which combines water resources, exquisite scenery, recreation and ecological education in one place, and is known as Taiwan's West Lake. Its famous scenic spots include 3 bridges, 6 historic sites, and 8 scenic spots; no matter whether you roam the Area or climb to higher ground, the landscape, in which a simple, elegant Chinese courtyard is combined with nature, provides travelers with a comforting, uplifting banquet for the soul.
Chengcing Lake was originally an irrigation pond for Caogong Irrigation System, with a rich ecology, and the many plants and animals which lived there and waterfowl which passed through made it an ideal place for travelers who love nature to see animals. There is also a lively, healthy Youth Activities Center which provides young travelers with a place to camp, play all kinds of sports and accommodation- a healthy leisure and vacation place for young and old alike in a pleasing landscape.

Add: No.32, Dapi Rd., Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province.China

Opening Hours: April~September 06:00-18:00 ,October~March 06:00-17:30 ,Closed on Monday.

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