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Tibetan Tsampa

Tsampa, or Zanba, is a traditional food in Tibet. It means roast flour in Tibetan language. As the staple food in Tibetans’ daily life, if you visit a Tibetan people, the host will serve you with yark milk tea, fried highland barley noodles, Tibetan buttered tea, Tsampa and other Tibetan traditional food. Tsampa is made of roast barley flour mixed with buttered tea. 

How to make ?
Tsampa is easy to take, which is just suitable for nomads. They could take tsampas, wood blow, and some buttered tea with them when going out.
1. Select good barleys and dry them in the sun
2. Stir-fry the barley until done, and then ground them into flour with chaff.

3. Put the flour in a bowl and add some buttered tea. Stir the flour until it becomes a paste.

Nutritive Value
Mix milk tea, butter, fried flour, surge and casein together in a blow and knead it into some pastes, and then you can eat it. It has the flavor of butter, sour and crisp of casein and sweet of surge which offers tsampas rich nutrition that could give out large amount of heat. It could provide rapid energy boosts. As the roasted flour is easily digestible food, which allowing the calories in it quickly incorporated by the body. It is very good for stopping hunger and resisting cold.

Tsampa could be used in a number of other ways. For example, tsampa and cumin mashes could useful for cure toothaches and other sore spots.
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