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Tongren Transportation

Located in the northeastern Guizhou province.Tongren takes an important role as a transportation hub in the province and enjoys a reputation as "Door of Guizhou province", "Pure land of Brahma" and "City of benevolence, righteousness and wisdom".

By Air

Guizhou Tongren Daxing Airport (Airport Code: TEN) is located on the border of Guizhou and Hunan Provinces, 21 kilometers from downtown area, 30 kilometers from FengHuang County (Phoenix Town) of Hunan.Being first established in 1958, Daxing Airport was recently expanded and reopened in 2001 covering an area of 2,437 mu (about 401 acres). It has a new terminal building which can handle 320,000 people per year. The runway is now 2,000 meters  long and 45 meters wide.

It has the scheduled fights to the destination of Beijing, Guiyang, Chongqing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. After the airport was open to navigation in 2001, the tourists can easily reach many scenic areas there by air. There are such tourist destinations around Daxing Airport as Mt. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve, Nine-dragon Cave Scenic Area, Jinjiang River, Feng Huang Cheng (Phoenix Town), etc.

For the local aviation business, Guilin - Tongren - Beijing new line has been opened in Daxing Airport every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This line will promote the development of local tourism, Southeast Guizhou and West Hunan area.

This airport now has the most advanced communications, navigation, weather and security-examination equipment.

There are shuttle bus and taxis to choose from to travel into the city area from the airport. The city is less than a half-an-hour drive from the airport. The ticket price of the shuttle bus is about CNY10. However, a schedule for the shuttle bus has not been provided.

By Train

Tongren Railway Station is located at the northeast corner of the city near the Tongren Normal School and about 2 kilometers away from the city center. Public bus No.7, 4 will take you to the railway station.

Another station called Yuping Railway Station is located at Pingxi Town of Yuping Dong Autonomous County and is not far from the railway station. Tourist can get off the train at this station and then go to downtown by coach.
Ticket-booking Office of Yuping Railway Station
Tel: 0856-3222209

High Seed Way in Guizhou By Long-distance Bus

There are two main coach stations in the city. One is Tongren Region Long-distance Passenger Transport Corporation located at Tianshuijing Road. The coaches in this station are mainly to the destination of Sichuan, Hunan. The telephone for enquiry: 0856-5222305.

The other station is Coach Bus Transportation Corporation of Tongren Region located at Luchang Road. The coaches in this station are to the destinations of Guiyang (Guizhou), Zunyi (Guizhou), Wenzhou (Zhejiang), Huidong (Guangdong), Puning (Guangdong) and Huaihua (Hunan). Bus No.4 can take you there. The telephone for enquiry: 0856-5255596.

Travel from Guizhou to Fenghuang, Zhangjaijie

City Transport

City Bus

There are more than 10 bus lines in the city covering most of the main buildings and avenues. The following provides some information about the lines:

No.1 Jiyuan → 531 → Fenbu Xiqu
No.2 Regional State Tax Bureau → Regional Tobacco Factory
No.3 Huaguoshan → Regional Tobacco Factory
No.4 Jiyuan → Kejing → Xunzhang
No.5 Regional Cement Factory → Ximen Qiaotou
No.6 Jiyuan Railway Station → Industrial Technical Secondary School
No.7 Tong Zi Ao → Regional Hospital
No.8 Paper Vessel Factory → Coal Gas Project → Chengliu Town
No.9 Nanfu → Chemical Fertilizer Plant
No.10 Jiyuan → Manghe Forestry Centre
No.11 Jiyuan → Lilin Shahou
No.12 Jiyuan → Hehe → Nanguan Zhuang (Village)
No.14 Jiyuan → Cha Chang (Tea Factory)
No.16 Jiyuan → Dong Liu Yang → Nanwang Zhuang (Village) → Nie Zhuang (Village)
No.18 Jiyuan → Jiang Cun (Village)
No.19 Jiyuan → Zhang Jin
No.25 Jiyuan → Shang Zhuang (Village)
No.28 Jiyuan → Xi Liu Yang → Nan Du → Hua Shi
No.52 Jiyuan → 531 Si Fen Bu


In the city, it is convenient to travel by taxi and taking taxi is very cheap. The base price is for the beginning 3 kilometers (1.86 miles): CNY3 for one person; CNY4 for two persons; CNY5 for three or more persons. The starting price is CNY5 from 22:00-23:00 and after than it goes up to CNY6. Then every additional kilometer costs CNY1. Taking taxi to circle around the city tourists spend no more than CNY6 even at night and during the daytime, around CNY3 is necessary to get around the city proper.

If going to Yuping Dong Autonomous County and Jiangkou County which are frequently visited by visitors, it is still economical to take a taxi. Departing from local Bus Station, one passenger is charged CNY15-CNY20, which is only a little bit higher than taking a minibus. But the drivers usually leave when the car are full of four passenger.

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