Xiamen Travel Guide
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Xiamen Travel Guide

As a beautiful tourism City, Xiamen is a gateway to China. Xiamen is home to a large number of egrets, hence the name ‘Egret Island'.  Located in the southeastern coastal area of China, Xiamen is linked with Zhangzhou City, presenting the landscape of the Golden Triangle in South Fujian, and faces Jinmen across the sea. Read More: Xiamen Overview

Facts of Xiamen

Chinese name: 厦门
Location: South of China
Dialing code: 0592
Zip code: 361000
Population: 1,150,000
Area: 1516 square kilometers
Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu

What to see in Xiamen

Travel to China,you will not miss Xiamen Tour. Xiamen City is another gateway to China except Hong Kong. Tulou Buildings show the unique architectural style of Fujian Province. Gulang Islet is the representative of Xiamen’s natural resource. And based on the historic factor, Xiamen is a city mixed the Portuguese culture with Chinese traditions. No matter which type of attractions you are interested, you can spend a leisure time by losing yourself in Xiamen City....Read More: Xiamen Attraction

Gulangyu IslandHulishan FortressSouth Putuo Temple
       Gulang Island      Hulishan Fortress      South Putuo Temple

When To Visit Xiamen?

Xiamen is suitable for travel all the year round, and the best travel season is from April to November every year.
Usually, spring and autumn are tow golden seasons to Xiamen. The sunny spring days make your Xiamen tours pleasant. The autumn of Xiamen is cozy and agreeable. On annual October, tourists at Xiamen would have a good opportunity to taste the famous dark dragon tea at the best time. Moreover, the special activity about moon cake on Mid-Autumn Festival is just carrying on. Travelers will enjoy themselves to taste delicious moon cake, try good quality scented tea while savoring the flavor of Xiamen’s autumn. Read More:  Xiamen Climate & Weather

How to get to Xiamen?

Xiamen has a variety of modern communication facilities and has very convenient external traffic.Xiamen is one of the top ten ports as well as one of gateways in China. Xiamen City is avigable with more than 60 ports in more than 40 countries and regions. It is one of the major aviation hubs in East China. It has opened about 102 domestic and foreign air routes to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and other places. Read More: Xiamen Transportation

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is located in the northeastern tip of Xiamen Island, 10 kilometers away from Xiamen city center. It is sited in the heart of Golden Triangle of Southern Fujian and across the sea with Taiwan.It is the fourth largest departure and entry airport in China following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It has flights to more than 40 domestic big and middle cities including Hong Kong and Macau; in addition, it has flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Osaka and other foreign cities.

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