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Xinjiang Culture

Xinjiang is rising tourism destination because of its colorful culture and beautiful landmark.Xinjiang is a land that occupied by many nationalities, like Uygurs, Kazakhs, Huis, Kirgizs, Tatars, Daurs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Mongols, Russians and the others, totally 43 nationalities.National customs, ancient legends, common and separate history of nationalities weave an enchanting pattern. Colorful national peculiarities of the different ethnical groups attract travelers to Xinjiang.

Xinjiang Culture

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Enthic Nationalities in Xinjiang

Xinjiang's 13 major ethnic groups have been involved in constant migration due to great changes in the natural environment. These population movements have caused religious and cultural intermingling, producing the region's present unique customs. These are expressed through diet, costume, wedding and funeral ceremonies, as well as religious beliefs, values, taboos and art. It is no wonder that whoever visits is deeply impressed by Xinjiang's rich cultural diversity...  Read More

Xinjiang UgarKirgizuzbiek
                           Uygur                            Kirgiz                        Uzbek 
                          Tagik                       Kazak                          Dongxiang

While travelling around Xinjiang you will be delighted by the variety of ancient architecture. The old Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, ancient towns will make you feel the atmosphere of antiquity and mystery.

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