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Wensu Tuomuer Canyon

  • As a landscape card developed in Tuomuer, a place named as World Natural Heritage of Tianshan, Xinjiang, Wensu Tuomuer Canyon has more than one titles including Xinjiang Wensu National Geological Park, National Key Scenic Spot. It watches on the must passage of Tianshan Muzhaerte Ancient Road linking the north and south of Tianshan Mountain, also a station of Xuanzang’s legendary Journey to Western Buddhist Sutras.

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  • As it is the red canyon with the largest scale and highest aesthetic importance whether in the north or the south of Tianshan Mountain, it is also known as the King of Canyon. It is a National Geological Park dominated by amazing landforms like red clastic rocks and salt domes. Few places have such wide ranges of geomorphological landscapes as the Canyon. Here you can see a variety of geographic views such as canyon landforms, wind-eroded landforms, river landforms, tectonic landforms, salt karst landforms.

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