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Shopping In Yan'an

Yan'an is a popular city in Shaanxi Province. The special geographical location of Yan'an on the Loess Plateau contributes to its wide array of distinctive local products, many of which are items you have been searching for on your travels. The higher altitude and exceptional weather contribute to creating the natural conditions that produce an abundance of local products. There are five main categories of items for you to consider.

Yan'an Shopping1.jpgThe special weather conditions with sufficient sunlight and wide variances in temperature between day and night cause the accumulation of sugar in fruits. Chinese red dates, apples and pears among others from this area are especially delicious. The Chinese date has long been successfully planted in Yan'an for over 300 years as the city provides the ideal environment for this wonderful tasty and very health-giving fruit. Here, various kinds of dates are not only large and deeply colorful, but also rich in nourishment and extra sweet in taste. Dates in Yanchuan County and the red date paste and glace dates produced there are popular with tourists. Apples produced here are famous for their superior variety, sweet taste, rich vitamin content, and their pollution-free quality. The golden and succulent pears are also good choices. Fresh fruit and dried fruit are readily available in markets and from local growers. Do take advantage of this gift of the land.

Agricultural Products
The fertile soil of Yan'an is not only kind to fruit trees. Here, a variety of agricultural products are recommendable. The Mixed Beans mixed of soybeans, adzuki beans, mung beans, peas, kidney beans, and many other legumes are of superior nutritional value. They are exported to foreign countries and regions such as America, Canada and Netherlands. The average price of a package of Mixed Beans is about CNY15. Buckwheat abounds in Yan'an and is considered a promising 'green food' whose qualities assist in lowering blood pressure and as having a preventive effect on various health conditions including diabetes and cancer. The buckwheat husk is an ideal material for stuffing pillows. Sleeping on such a pillow can give you a peaceful night's sleep and the effect of the gentle massage the husks provide can invigorate the circulation of blood and brighten the eyes. In addition, the nutritious millet is of great popularity among tourists. You can buy special agricultural products in various tourist areas, markets or souvenir stores.

Forests Products
The wide natural forest areas of Huanglong Mountain, Qiaoshan Mountain and Laoshan Mountain provide habitats for wildlife and teem with various pollution-free and nutritious wild foods such as Chinese chestnut, walnut, gingko, agaric, mushroom, and so on. These tasty and nutritious foods are sold in many supermarkets and souvenir stores.

Medicinal Herbs
Yan'an is a natural treasure trove of Chinese medicinal herbs. You will find that the herbs that are well-known throughout natural healing methods are grown here. For example, almond, Wu Chia Pee, Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri), Sheng Di (Radix Rehmanniae) and Sha Ji (Hippophae rhamnoides) all take important positions in Chinese herbal medicines market. The nutritious Sha Ji juice and Sha Ji oil, which are renowned for having a preventive effect for cancer, are readily available here.

Local Artworks and Handicrafts

The unique purple clay of Yan'an contains many microelements that not only help create the color, but also have a healthful effect as we shall discuss later. Beginning from 1942, the production of purple clay ceramics is a highly developed art. Tea services, coffee sets, cookers, dishware, craftwork and souvenirs are among the many different ceramic items you can find here. These ceramics are exquisite in appearance and durable in use. It is believed that long-term use of such ceramics can effectively prevent some diseases because of the qualities of the microelements. In addition, the various handicrafts with distinctive local features are excellent souvenirs, including paper-cuts, peasant paintings, New Year pictures, wood engravings, root carvings, embroideries, calligraphic works, pyrographies and so much more. Remarkable and delicate handicrafts can be seen almost everywhere. You can buy some directly from the local rural people or the handicraftsmen in the city.

Besides the purchase of those special local products, do not forget to visit many local shopping malls where the latest in design and style can be found at reasonable prices. All in all, a word of caution is always advisable when discussing shopping. Be careful, choose well, and have a great time!

Recommended Shopping Places:

Lirong Shopping Mall
Address: Nanmen Po, Zhongxin Street, Baota District
Range of Commodities: cosmetic, clothing

Yan'an Deparment Store
Address: Daqiao Street, Baota District
Range of Commodities: cosmetic, clothing, home appliances, electronic products

Zhongyan International Mansion
Address: Erdao Street Commercial Area
Range of Commodities: cosmetic, clothing

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