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How to Plan Century Cruise

New Century2.jpgCentury Cruises is one of the most popular and famous cruises operating on the Yangtze River. This article will provide information to help your decision on whether to choose a Century Cruise for your Yangtze River Cruise.

Highlights of New Century Cruise

  1. New high quality fleet! Century Cruises are the only 5-star Yangtze Cruise ships all launched after 2003;

  2. All cabins have an independent balcony! Century Series is the only fleet with all cabins are equipped with an independent balcony to offer a more private space and great river views;

  3. All cruises are equipped with the biggest public area and the largest deck for sunshine sightseeing! It means that every passenger will enjoy more space for leisure and entertainment;

  4. The only cruise fleet awarded Safety and Integrity Cruise Liner by Changjiang Maritime Safety Administration;

  5. The only Yangtze Cruise fleet managed by specialists from European inner river cruises! All cruises service are guaranteed by international quality management;

  6. Unique drinking water system in cabins! This system is fitted in Century Legend, Century Diamond and Century Paragon. The shock-absorbing equipment and noise filter, world-class shipbuilding techniques and new air-conditionings make it a quality choice;

  7. It is the only river cruise fleet in the world that has a transparent hall, 6-stories tall from the basement to the roof top;

  8. Century was the pioneer among the river cruise operators using transparent panorama lifts, which enable passengers to enjoy the river view from a different angle;

  9. The worlds' most comfortable well designed and large big cabins of any inner river cruise;

  10. Employing Hilton Hotel standard configuration or beddings and bathroom supplies;

  11. Century Paragon and Century Legend were newly launched in 2013.

Century Star – The most economical Ship in the Century fleet

  1. All suites have an independent sightseeing hall and all cabins have their own balcony with French Doors;

  2. Managed by Viking Cruises, one of the world’s top 10 Cruise Companies for quality service;

  3. Morning coffee service is available for early birds;

  4. The price of downstream cruise is identical to the upstream sailing. The prices of $559 during peak season and $489 during low season save about $70 on Century Cruises of the same level

The Most Advanced Century Cruise Ships—Century Legend and Century Paragon

  1. The 2 sister super 5-star cruise ships and were launched in March, 2013 and are the newest and most advanced cruise ships for passengers desiring a high quality cruise experience;

  2. Ships fitted with the world’s newest electric propulsion system for environmental protection, energy saving, shock-absorbing technology and quietness of operation;

  3. Large indoor with consistent-temperature swimming pool and leisure area of over 200 square meters.;

  4. All-glass balcony;

  5. The sleeping area is separated from the entertainment areas;

  6. All cabins is equipped with bathtub, direct drinking water system and independent balcony;

  7. Wi-Fi is available for the whole cruise;

  8. Buffet meals are 24-hour offered and passengers could freely arrange their meal time;

  9. High quality service and advanced equipment at competitive prices of $599 - low season and $669 for the peak season..

Main Ports for Yangtze Cruise Ships

  1. Chongqing - Chongqing Chaotianmen Port is used by Victoria Cruises. During low water periods, ships will dock at Fengdu or Fuling.

  2. Yichang, the main port is Yichang Passenger Port. During low water periods, ships dock at Taohuacun Port.

How to get to Chongqing Chaotianmen Port?

  1. Chongqing Jiangbei Airport is 27 km away from the port and there is no direct public bus. It takes 60 minutes and costs 100 Yuan by taxi from the airport to the port;

  2. There are 2 ways from the Railway Stations to the port:

    If starting from Chongqingbei Railway Station(Longtousi Railway Station), take Bus 141 and get off at Chaotianmen Station;

    If starting from Caiyuanba Railway Station, take Bus NOs 122/102 or tourism Bus NO 105 and get off at Chaotianmen Station - 6.94 km.

How to get to Yichang Passenger Port?

  1. Sanxia Airport is 26 km away from the port with no direct public bus between them. It takes 45 minutes and costs 150 Yuan by taxi from the airport to the port;

  2. Yichang East Station, - Yichang Railway Station is 19 km away from the port and no public bus is available. It costs 70 Yuan and takes about 50 minutes taxi to reach the port;

  3. Yichang Coach Station is 19 km away from Yichang Passenger Port. If taking a taxi, 40 minutes and 50 Yuan are needed.

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