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Goulan Yao Village

Located on the side of Xiaoshui River in south of Hunan Province's Jiangyong County,Goulan Yao Village is home to Yao ethnic minority people, whose village is situated a little distance away from the fields on which they rely to make their living.Goulan Yao village was established around 1396. Today,the cultivating of rice and other agricultural activities are central to the lives of the villagers. They live in two story houses, one story is home to people, the other to cattle.

Goulan village, with an area of 7 square meters and a population of 1,561, benefits from the rich folk heritage of the Yao ethnic group and its abundant rural tourism resources.As soon as one walks into the Goulan village of the Yao ethnic group, they will be impressed by the unique culture of the Yao people and the refreshing country landscapes of the Central China region.A dreamy journey into the wilderness, the wildflower sightseeing tour, local folk culture experiences ... the village has many of travel options to offer.

Dragon Dance in Goulan YaoGoulan yao

Hamlets of the Goulan Village

In the early Ming Dynasty(1368-1644),villagers built four fortifications in Goulan Villlage to defend hamlets against bandits. And then,the unique defencive architectures were gradually formed.Noadays,we can also see them preserved well.It is both historical and cultural value today.

yiyang4.jpgGoulan Yao Village

Mud-washing Festival

Mud-washing festival, a special festival in Goulan Yao Village,marks the end of this busy season, and it is a celebration of past, present and future—they wash the mud off their feet after their previous weeks of work, they dance and sing at the happiness of households and families being reunited and couples returning home to each other, and they pray for blessings for a bumper harvest next time. The whole village is happy and joyous.

Goulan Yao VillageGoulan Yao Village

Every year during the busy harvest season, the men spend the whole day tilling the fields, while the women stay at home, prepare clothes and food for their laboring husbands, and occasionally help out in the fields if needed. In the evenings, they have a list of household chores to attend to, in preparation for the toil of the next day.

Daxing Village

Daxing Village, together with Huang Village and Shangcun Village are part of Goulan Yao Stockade Village. The well-preserved Yao Village is regarded as the ancestral home of Goulan Yao people. A large number of residential buildings built during the Ming and Qing dynasties have still kept intact and folk customs of Yao ethnic people such as Mud-washing Festival and Yao Female Boxing are observed. In 2012, Mud-washing Festival was added to the third batch of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2014, Goulan Yao Village was listed as the sixth batch of China’s famous historical and cultural villages by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Daxing Viallge PaintingDaxing Viallge Painting

A 162 sqm of well-preserved fresco painting was discovered in Shuilong (Water Dragon) Ancestral Hall of Daxing Village, Jiangyong County. The ancestral hall and the fresco painting were preliminarily identified by archaeologists as cultural relics dating back to Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620).In ancient times, the ancestral hall was a religious site for Goulan Yao people living here to worship gods. The fresco was mainly created on the walls of the right-side corridor, the front and both sides of the hall’s main building.

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