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Festivals in Yunnan

 2017-09-09 16:43:03

Yunnan has so many colorful minority festivals that you can not miss them. When you travel at the festival times, you will not only enjoy the minority culture, but also enjoy the delicious food. Here lists the major ethnic minority festivals in Yunnan Province.

Ethnic Minority
Festival Name
Festival Activities
Dates (2013)


Torch Festival

Torch Dance, Wrestling, Bull Fight, Performance

31, July

Ikebana Festival

Ikebana, Folk Song

19, March

Tiger Festival

Tiger Dance Performance

17-24, February

Mouding March Fair

Trade Fair, performance

6-8, May


Dali March Fair

Trade Fair, Horse Race, Performance

24, April -- 30, April

Qing Lady Festival

offer sacrifices, performance

24, February

Raoshan Ling

transplant seedlings

1-3, June

Torch Festival

Torching, Dragon Boat Race, Performance

1, August


Water Sprinkling Festival

Dragon Boat Race, Water Sprinkling, Performance

9-11, April


Ant Festival

Hani Cuisine with Ant

31, July

Lady Festival

Swing, Performance

19, March


Bath Gathering

Spa Bath, Singing Tournament

13, February

Sword Festival

Climbing Sword Mountain, Diving into Fire Sea, Performance

19, March


Bangbang Fair

Horse Race, Performance, Farming Trade Fair

24, February

Sanduo Festival

offer sacrifices, Bullfight

17-21, February


Kuza Festival

Elephant Dance, Folk Song

Between March and April in Dai Calendar

Cucurbit Festival

Bonfire, Performance

16-19, November


Tibetan New Year

Horse Race, Picnic, Performance

10, February

Horse Race Festival

Horse Race

May, June

Danu Festival

Wushu, Ball Tournament, Singing and dancing

6, July

Getang Festival

Dating, Lover's Song

19, November


Longduan Festival

Opera, Acrobatics, Performance

4, May


Water Sprinkling Festival

Water Sprinkling, Performance

7-8, April