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Luoping Scenic Area

Luoping is a small county at the convergence of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Flourishing rape flowers in vast rape fields are the most charming scene in Luoping. It is an ever ideal attraction for photographers. Usually, the Rape Flower Tourism Festival is held around February, 21st. Jinji Peak in northeast of Luoping County is recommended as the best perspective to catch the enthralling pictures of the rape flower field. 

Luoping Peak, Yunnan Province's most spectacular geographical destination, is located in Luoping County, which is 240 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming and runs along the belt of mountains that passes through Guangxi and Guizhou. It has a temperate climate with the warm wet summers and temperate winters.

The region is famous for its distinctive Karst landforms that fold like a Chinese screen along the eastern backbone of Yunnan, but Luoping also has another distinctive feature - becomes 'the world's largest inartificial garden' with 300,000 acres of cole flowers bursting into life creating one of the most remarkable sights from late winter to spring every year.

Golden Rooster Karsts: The Golden Rooster Karsts is a large area of Luoping especially rich in Karst formation and rich local culture. The indigenous ethnic minorities have myths and legends attached to almost every formation. The reason why it is called the Golden Rooster Karsts is because the largest peak always protrudes from the morning mist that swirls around the other peaks, thus like a rooster. It is the top (beak) of this peak that welcomes daylight. There is also a golden Buddha peak, a double lion peak and many others, all of which have rich histories developed by the local population.

Sea of Cole Flowers: Every year after the Chinese Spring Festival, the area around the Luoping dam normally bursts into life, to create possible the most unusual sea ever seen, a sea that gently sways in the breeze and emits a light fragrance - it is a sea of cole flowers. Passengers on the Nanning to Kunming railway are treated to an amazing sight as their train steams through acres upon acres of cole flowers. It has become an annual pilgrimage for many Chinese to travel to Yunnan every Spring Ffestival to watch the first of the flowers to bloom.

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