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Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake, located in Yuxi City of Yunnan Province. About 70 km away from Kunming, it is a famous fresh water lake in China. Fuxian Lake is richly endowed with unique geological resources. It is the deepest lake in China, with an area of 216.6 square kilometers,the circumference of 100.8 kilometers, an average depth of more than 95.2 meters and the deepest point being 158.9 meters. It has a water storage of 20.618 billion cubic meters which is equal to that of 12 Dianchi lakes or 6 Erhai lakes, forming 67.4% of fresh water in the nine major plateau lakes in Yunnan Province. The Fuxian Lake enjoys the first grade ground water quality.

Legend of the Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake5.jpgFuxian Lake is the third deepest lake in China. The lake is so crystal clear that the ancients called it “a large area of shinning glass”. Apart from the beautiful scenery, this place is famous for a mysterious ancient underwater city. According to legend, two fairies descended to the earth and passed by this lake. They indulged in the beauty of the scenery and were reluctant to leave. Finally they turned into two stone women with their hands on each other’s shoulders, which is the meaning of “fuxian” in Chinese.

In 1992, a diver found an ancient underwater city at the bottom of the lake. Scientists have reached no final conclusions on this discovery yet, but some people believe it has much to do with the Ancient-Yunnan Civilization.
In 2005, the detected ancient city reached an area of 2.4 sq km (1 sq mi) with 8 main buildings. The most amazing one is Fuxian Lake Pyramid. This 5-storey building is 21 m (69 ft) high and the shape is like the pyramid of Maya. A stage-style building with many bronze buckles was speculated to be a Sacrificial Altar. There are many 8 to 15 cm (3 to 6 in) holes in the under-water buildings like a “Hoofprint of Sea Horse (a kind of animal in legend of the lake)”. Researchers consider that they were probably used for building houses.
There are many unknown things about the underwater city. Researching it will be a world-class project. It has been conjectured that the scale of the underwater city will not be smaller than the Maya Civilization.

What to see?

Fuxian Lake_Yuxi.jpgThe Fuxian Lake, under the administration of Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning counties, is a faultless subsidence freshwater lake on the plateau and surrounded by mountains on three sides. The northern part of the lake is broad and deep while the southern is narrow and shallow. The middle of the Fuxian Lake is as slim as the neck of a vase. The whole lake is like a gourd. 

Lonely Mountain

Lonely Mountain, located in the southern portion of the lake, is the only island in Fuxian Lake. On the island are Lanke Ground, Facing-the-Wind Pavilion, Fairy Cave and Double Stone. There is also a fish-watching platform for people to watch the clustered black carps.

Fuxian Lake.jpgThe mountains by the lake are beautiful. Yang Sheng’an, a litterateur of the Ming Dynasty praised this lake “Chengjiang is a beautiful jade green, with another embedded in. If not for less buildings therein, surpassing the West Lake it is seen”. Xu Xiake, a famous traveler and geographer of the Ming Dynasty compared the Fuxian Lake with other lakes in Yunnan Province and said that “the Fuxian Lake is the clearest in Yunnan”.

The Fuxian Lake enjoys a long and mysterious historical culture and beautiful scenery. The Maotianshan and Lijiashan mountains are the two mountains symbolizing the natural and human history. The mountains are rich in great cultural relics. From Fuxian Worm, a tender primitive life form from more than 500 million years ago to the brilliant bronze works of the Ancient Dian, from various assumptions to the mysterious disappearance of Ancient Yuyuan City in the Han & Tang periods, from the primitive Nuo Opera to the Guansuo Opera, the Fuxian Lake enjoys a rich cultural heritage.

Star Scenic Area

Fuxian LAKE3.jpgStar Scenic Area, located on the west shore of Fuxian Lake, is 12 km (7 mi) from Luchong. The famous Azure Clouds Temple and Star Fishing Holes are in this area. Azure Clouds Temple: After climbing 499 steps on Azure Clouds Mountain, you can see the Azure Clouds Temple. There are many magnificent pavilions, terraces and towers in the temple. After walking out the back door of the temple and climbing up for a while, you will see the peak of Azure Clouds Mountain- Lotus Peak. Here you can have a panoramic view of the lake, Azure Clouds Reservoir and the surrounding mountains.

Fish Boundary Stone

Fuxian Lake is linked to Xingyun Lake in the southwest by the Haimen River. Fish Boundary Stone is in the middle of Haimen River. Fish in the two lakes are automatically bounded by this stone as they never cross border. The reason of this wonder is the totally different natural environments of the two lakes. Fuxian Lake is a deep lake with few aquatic plants and zooplankton, but Xingyun Lake is a shallow lake with luxuriant aquatic plants and abundant zooplankton.

Fuxian LAKE6.jpgStar Fishing Holes: There are more than 200 fishing holes in Star Scenic Area. In fishing season, fishermen use water wheels beside the holes to catch Anti-Wave Fish. Visitors can enjoy delicious fish here, too.

Luchong Village

Luchong is a fishing village located on the west shore of Fuxian Lake. It faces the lake with  Penholder Mountain for a background. The village is famous for Anti-wave Fishing and the Big Banyans.
Anti-wave Fishing: One of the characteristics of Luchong is the collection of large and small fishing holes by the lake shore. They are used for catching the specialty here-“Anti-Wave Fish”, (or known as “Kanglang Fish” by the locals). These fish stay  40 m (131 ft) under water at ordinary times, but in the breeding season, they go near the shore to find a suitable place to lay eggs. As they prefer flowing water, fishermen set up water wheels beside the fishing holes and create a rapid flow to attract Anti-Wave Fish. In China, Anti-Wave Fish only exist in Fuxian Lake. They are small but extremely delicious and tender. The fish used to be articles of tribute for the royal family in ancient China. The period from March to September is the main season for catching Anti-wave Fish.
Big Banyan: The big leafy banyans around the lake are eye-catching. The youngest of them are older than 70 years and most of them are older than 100 years. The banyans have thick branches and flourishing leaves. Some of them can only be encircled by 7 to 8 adults hand-in-hand.

When Mr Zeng Peiyan, former Vice-Premier of the State Council, was visiting Yuxi, he praised the Fuxian Lake as “more beautiful than Lake Geneva”. Many tourists, experts and scholars at home and abroad come to the Fuxian Lake as tourism has been protectively developed. The Fuxian Lake has displayed the thrilling history and opened a new door for us.

Travel Tips

How to get there?

  1.  Take a coach from Kunming Southern Passenger Station to Chengjiang. The bus departs about every 30 minutes from 08:30 to 15:10; duration is about an hour and ticket fare is around CNY20.

  2. Upon arrival, take the around-lake bus from the Administration Center of Chengjiang to the lake. 

Entrance Fee

Scenic Spot Ticket Fare (CNY) Open Time
Luchong Village1508:00-19:00
Fish Boundary Stone2
Lonely Mountain15
Star Scenic Area6

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