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Nu River Gorges

Nu River Gorges Scenic Area is located in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Nujiang Prefecture contains three parallel longitudinal rivers, Nu River, Lancang River and Dulong River. Among the magical gorges formed by the rivers, Nu River Gorges is the most spectacular. 

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Villages on the other bank of the river are accessed either by narrow hanging bridges constructed with small wooden planks strung together with rattan tied to trees; or by sliding on overhead cables that span the river. The cables are tied to trees on either side of the river and to cross, one is suspended from a rope loop attached to a harness worn around the waist.

The part of the gorge in Yunan is over 600 kilometers long. With picturesque lofty mountains, virgin forests, river rapids and snowscape in spring and winter, the gorge is the most breathtaking example in the world. The Stone Moon is another spectacle in the gorge. It sits on a rocky peak of Gaoligong Mountain. Looking from a distance from the highway, visitors can sea a clear moon hanging in the sky. 

Nu River 2.jpgActually, it is an elliptic rock hole about 100 meters (328 feet) high on a mountain peak. 600 meters (656 yards) from Fengxue Yakou (mountain mouth of wind and snow) stands the magical Tingming Lake. When people speak around the lake, it will rain or hail.

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