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Jiyi Grand Gorge

Jiyi Grand Gorge is located in Wuding County, central part of Yunnan Province. It's 123 km away from Wuding County seat. Covering a total area about 30 square kilometers, with its lengght of 12 km and its width of 6-200 meters, the Jiyi Grand Gorge  has over 10 scenic spots.  

Jiyi Grand Gorge is a rift valley in Yunnan. Till resent the gorge was only accessible to goats and daredevils. Since a few years there is a path through the valley that passes over a rock in the middle of the gorge. The lowest point of the pass way is only halfway from the top to the bottom were a small creek passes.

The pass way at its lowest point where it crosses the gorge. It continues on the east side through a cut out in the rock face. The pass way makes it possible for everybody who can climb and descent endless stairs to visit the gorge.

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The Jiyi gorge is so narrow and deep that only around midday the sun shines all the way to the bottom of the gorge. The changing light conditions make the gorge look different at different times of the day. Only during the Golden weeks and during long weekends people visit the gorge. The rest of the time the place is nearly deserted.

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