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Mountain Song of Tujia Ethnic

Tujia women are collecting tea leaves and singing Mountain Song Melodies and lyrics of Tujia music are featured by the ethnic characteristics generated from the geographic environment, folk custom and religious beliefs unique to the Tujia people.

Artistic styles of Tujia music including boldness, elaborateness, merriness and primitive simplicity, can find its expression in the melody, rhythm and performance of its various music genres. It presents the customs, rites and ethnic characteristics of the Tujia people and forms the essence of Tujia music. Its particular traits gradually emerge as the result of a historically developed cultural tradition in Tujia communities.

The diversity of Tujia mountain song arises from colorful social life. Its variety in subject matter, a characteristic of the music style itself, is necessarily reflected in the tune, playing an essential role in forming the unique style of Tujia music.

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