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Shiyanping Tujia Village

Shiyanping Tujia Village is located in southeast part of Wangjiaping Town,Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City.It's 48km away from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Covering a total area of 17 square kilometers,Shiyanping Villiage has 982 villagers who are all Tujia Ethnic Minority.There are 182 complexes Tujia stilted houses to be preserved well in the village.

Shiyanping VillageShiyanping VillageWith hundreds of years history,Shiyanping Tujia Village boasts lots of ancient towering trees,intact vagetations,original and ancient stilt houses,as well as colorful folk customs so that it was listed as one of the ancient Tujia Villages to be preserved best in China.  

What to see ?

Tujia Stilted Houses

The stilted house, also known as Diaojiaolou in Chinese,is a traditional house of Tujia Ethnic Minority.But it is less seen nowadays and it has been disappearing since 2000s. As a UNESCO World Heritage listing,it undertakes a thorough survey of Diaojiaolou houses built in the twentieth century in the remote and intact villages—Shiyanping village in Zhangjiajie, as the grounds for investigating the viability of linking preservation and adaptation to sustainable objectives.

The construction technique of stilted houses of the Tujia ethnic group was listed as one of the national intangible cultural heritages in 2011. The stilted house of Tujia people is constructed in such a way as to overhang the water and be supported by many wooden pillars. The building structure can deliver the inhabitants from miasma, poisonous vegetation and venomous snakes.

Shiyanping VillageShiyanping Village

In Shiyanping Village, about 180 stilted buildings built by the Tujia ethnic group, one of the 55 ethnic minorities in China, are sporadically distributed and well-spaced. This ancient architectural complex, dating back to Qing dynasty, became a Key Cultural Relic unit under state protections last year. It was placed in the first batch of 50 traditional villages to be protected by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

The basket backpackers

The basket backpackers could be a best example of how humans can add more color to the natural wonder.Tujia people carry children in their back baskets through mountains.

Shiyanping VillageShiyanping Village

Tujia's Folk Culture

Visiting Shiyanping Village, you can see the local Tujia Culture.These traditional arts including witchcraft,sacrifice and performance,meet Tujia people's spiritual and cultural needs with the devoutly to religion and desire to beauty,which boasts a double function of entertaining both deities and men.

Shiyanping VillageShiyanping Village

It is of great academic significance to study the relationship between expression forms and methods of these traditional arts and their value and religious culture to get a deep understanding of their aesthetic characters and historical function.


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