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Chengmen Stockade Scenic Spot

Chengmen Stockade Scenic Spot is one of the top attractions in the 48-Village Scenic Area which is located in the junction of Cili,Shimen and Taoyuan County.Because of its wonderful scenery and mysterious culture,it has been attracted more and more visitors since 2009.

What to see ?

Entering Lianghekou Village,you should walk about 1.5 hours along the ancient path with stone stairs which are hidden in the mountainous forest.Certainly, you will see some local farmer houses and amazing sceneries on your way.Here lists some top sightseeings in this scenic spot.

Chengmen Stockade

Chengmen Stockade is located in the junction of Laopeng,Sanwang,and Lianghekou Village, the 48-Village Scenic Area. This is a mountain, 845 meters above sea level, which is surrounded by deep cliff on the south,and man-made city walls on the other three sides. No one can get up to the top of the mountain without lift. The city wall has a height from 3 to 30 meters which was constructed by Gneral Lei Man  in 880 AD,the Guangming 1st year of the Emperor Tang Xizong,in the Tang Dynasty ( 608-906 AD).

Photographer is taking pictures at the top the Chengmen StockadeThe Stone  Wall made in 880 AD

The local legend says that at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, Li Zicheng (1606-1645), the Daring General, ordered to bury the treasures in various cellars when he was chased by soldiers of the Qing Dynasty. He also entrusted his young son to a family surnamed Jiang and gave the treasure map to them. The Jiang family’s descendant Jiang Guangye, one of the richest men in China, discovered the scenic spot Chengmen Stockade, 10 kilometers away from his house when he was planning to build a summer resort. During the work at his summer resort in Chengmen Village, Jiang Guangye found Chengtuo Stockade, but left the project unfinished because of his failure to get on well with the villagers. 

Chengmen StockadeThe Stone Wall at the Chengmen Stockade

Chengtuo Stockade

Chengtuo Stockade is hidden  to the east of Chengmen Stockade. Piled up by five huge round red sandstones, Chengtuo Stockade is shaped by a dustpan-sized rock at its top, looking like a sliding weight of a steelyard. It reaches a height of over 20 meters and is as smooth as a mirror. It is said the stockade’s name “Chengtuo” (chèng tuó in Chinese means sliding weight of a steelyard) is originated from the rock’s shape.

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Geologically, Chengmen and Chengtuo Stockades were shaped by running water and weathering on the basis of folds and breakage incurred by the eastward movement of Hunan and Guangxi after the Ordovician.Because of its wonderful scenery and mysterious culture,it has been attracted more and more visitors since 2009.

Travel Tips

Add: Guangfuqiao Town,Cili County,Zhangjiajie City,Hunan,China

Entrance Fee: CNY 58 for Wulei Mountain, but other sightseeings are free of charge in the scenic area.

Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

How to get there:It will take isitors 2 hours diving from donwntonw Zhangjiajie or Wulingyuan to Shuangyuan Village or Laopeng Village of Guangfuqiao Township in Cili County.                  

Trekking Route: Visitors can chose any ways,starting from Laopeng Village or Starting from Shuangyun Village.   

Visiting Hours: 3-4 hours trekking.

Important Information: This site is not suite for old man and children to hike.

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