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Zhangjiajie Tour from Hong Kong

Zhangjiajie is one of top amazing destinations of China for Hong Kong tourists. Visitors can take flights from Hongkong to Changsha. And it is a ggod news that the direct flights have been opened between Hong Kong and Zhangjiajie since  2017.With our tour guide for you,we offer Zhangjiajie Tours from Hong Kong to suit most tastes and budgets. Accommodations in reputable hotels, inclusive of airport transfers and meals are available depending on your choice of package.

Zhangjiajie Tour Packages from Hong Kong

Zhangjaijie WinterZhangjiajie Winter
                    4 Days Zhangjiajie from Hongkong   5 Days Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang From Hong Kong

When to go ?

Depending on your vacation time, personal interests and weather preferences, Zhangjiajie can be visited at any time of the year, especially from April to October.. Also, autumn season from October to December is also another recommended time with fewer rainy days and typhoon. Zhangjiajie is also called a "city of spring" due to its comfortable year-round temperatures that hover around 16 ℃....More

Flight to Zhangjiajie 

There are not direct flights between Turkey and Zhangjiajie . The best way to Zhangjiajie is take flight via Guangzhou, Chengdu,Shanghai, Changha from  Turkey, The following airlines provide frequent flights to China:

 Turkish Alitalia Qatar Airways
 Air France KLM Aeroflot
Air China Air China Transaero Hainan
 Etihad Airway Emirates Finnair
 Siberia Austrian Airlines China Southern Airlines
 China Eastern Airlines

HK Express: Cheap Flights To & from Hong Kong 

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