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Zhangjiajie History & Culture

Zhangjiajie is an ancient but also a rising tourism city of China. The city was founded and named as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,  China’s first national forest park. The former name of the city was Dayong.In 1994,the city of Dayong was renamed as Zhangjiajie City  because of the famous attraction Zhangjiajie. In 1999 and 2006, the world famous fancy flyers flew stunt through the cave in the Tianmen Mountain. And Hollywood film Avatar could have borrowed scenes from Zhangjiajie. It becomes one of the must-visit destinastionss in China for lots of tourists from home and abroad...More Read: Zhangjiajie History

Ethnic Minories Culture In Zhangjiajie

With a total population of one million,Tujia Ethnic Group is the largest group in Zhangjiajie,and Tujia Culture is also the culture of Zhangjiajie.Bai Ethnic Minority has a total population of 125,597 ,which is centered around  Sangzhi County.

Tujia Ethnic Minority

Bai Ethnic Minority
    Culture of Tujia Ethnic Minority 

Culture of Bai Ethnic Minority

Music & Dance Art

With primitive and simple folk customs and rich ethnic culture,Zhangjiajie possesses all kinds of intangible cultural heritage, including 15 categories and more than 70 items. The folk songs of Sangzi County are listed  first as the national-level intangible cultural heritage; Zhangjiajie Yang  Opera, Gaohua Light (kind of dance), Cili Banban Dragon Light are listed first  as the provincial-level intangible heritage.

Yang Opera

Sangzhi Folk SongThree-Stick Drum
       Zhangjiajei Yang Opera           Sangzhi Folk Song           Three-Stick Drum
Lishui Boatmen HaoziHgh Lantern Earth Digging and Drum Songs
               Lishui Boatmen Haozi      Zhangjiajie High Lantern              Earth Digging and Drum Songs

More Culture in Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie Hard qigong has even  performed in seven countries in Europe when our national leaders visited these  countries. Sands-stone painting is a special painting art which was  first created by Mr Li Junsheng, a Tujia People in Zhangjiajie,in 1990s..

The Hard Qigong of ZhangjaijieJunsheng Sands Stone Painting
  The Hard Qigong of Zhangjiajie                              Junsheng Sands Stone Painting


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