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Accommodation In Zhangjiajie

With over 30 years developement of tourism industry,Zhangjiajie has been improved in tourism accommodation facility.There are more than 500 hotels,guesthouses and inns which boast over 60,000 beds in Zhangjiajie City.Here VisitAroundChina lists some hotels as per below:

Hotels In Zhangjiajie

          Name of HotelCharacters                 Address    Tel
Zhangjiajie Pullan★★★★★Huajuan Road,Wulingyuan District0744-8888888
Qinghe Jinjiang Int'l Hotel★★★★★No.1,Jundi Road,Wulingyuan District
Zhangjiajie Sunshine Hotel★★★★☆No.2,Yongding Road,Yongding District0744-855888
Dachengshanshui Int'l Hotel★★★★☆West Dayong Road,Yongding District0744-8889999
Tongda International Hotel★★★★Site of Lusiwan Bridge,Yongding District0744-8259999
Zhangjiajie International Hotel★★★★Sanjiaoping,Yongding District9744-8222888
Lantian Grand Hotel★★★★Chongwen Road,Yongding District0744-8278088
Zhuanjiacun Hotel★★★★Wuling Road,Wulingyuan District0744-5618388
Xiangdian International Hotel★★★★Zhangjiajie Natioanl Forest Park0744-5712999
Jianghan Hotel★★★★Jundiping,Wulingyuan District0744-5620168
Pipaxi Hotel★★★☆Zhangjiajie National Forest Park0744-5718888
Minnan International Hotel★★★☆No.18,Ziwu Road,Yongding District0744-8228888
Wulingyuan Hotel★★★☆Wuling Road,Wulingyuan District0744-5615888
Jindu Hotel★★★No.1,Eastern Ziwu Road,Yongding District0744-8236688
Baizhangxia Hotel
★★★Huajuan Road,Wulingyuan Distrcit0744-5622666
Fulilai Hotel★★★No.10,Ziwu Road,Yongding District0744-2128888
Genli International Hotel★★★Wuling Road,Wulingyuan District0744-2158888
Jiangya Hot Spring Hotel★★★Jiangya Town,Cili County0744-3355888
Yunhai Hotel★★★Wuling Road,Wulingyuan0744-5615588
Honghegu Hotel★★★Zhangjiajie National Forest Park0744-5719297
Tianzi Grand Hotel★★★Wuling Road,Wulingyuan District0744-5622888
Dahua Hotel★★★Weiyang Road,Wulingyuan District0744-5611588
Gudu Hotel★★★Liyuan Town,Sangzhi County0744-6245088
Kaitian International Hotel★★★Jundiping,Wulingyuan District0744-5625888
Yubifeng International Hotel★★★Tuofeng Road,Wulingyuan0744-5556699
Fengyun Holiday Hotel★★★Nanzhuangping,Yongding District0744-2192588

Folk Custom Characteristic Inn

         Name of Hotel
            Address     Tel
Queqiaolian Couple Hotel
5/F,Yujingwan Building,Yongding District
Guanshanyue Guesthouse
Xibu Alley,Wulingyuan District0744-5091999
Guyun Xiangxi Inn
Xibu Alley,Wulingyuan District0744-5557021
168 Inn
Yuanjiajie,Wulingyuan District

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