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Dining In Zhangjiajie

While traveling to Zhangjiajie, in addition to enjoy the beautiful scenery,you should try to taste the local delishes in Zhangjiajie.There are various snacks in Zhangjiajie, where is also home to Miao and Tujia nationalities. So the local dishes are usually quite spicy like other parts of Hunan Province. And the people love pickles as well in their daily life. Apart from the two features, the local people like very much the smoked meat and fish. At the scenic area the food always are more expensive than those served in Zhangjiajie city.

Traditinal Snacks & Specialities: 

Tianjiu Tangyuan, also named Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Rice Wine Soup, is made of small glutinous rice balls, Chinese dates and sweet rice wine. This snack is not only very nutritious, but tasty as well.

Ciba,also called Glutinous Rice Cake, Ciba is white, made of glutinous rice, with shape of a discus and size of a palm. The Ciba is baked till the surface chaps and takes on a burnt color. Then the dust is wiped off, and honey or white sugar is filled into the Ciba before it is served with both hands to the guests.When guests come to visit during festivals, the host will serve Ciba (glutinous rice cake).

Ye'er Baba (叶叶粑粑),a kind of characterstics speciality of Zhangjiajie, is made of glutinous rice powder to mix with artemisia and water.It is usually put some bean paste of sugar, or soybean powder,or chili, or Tofu, or salt food and diced meat inside.And then,wrapped by leaf,it is put to be steamed. 

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Tangyuan (Glutinous Sweet Dumplings)Ciba ( Glutinous Rice Cake )Ye'er Baba(Rice Cake Whrapped leaf)

Tuannian dish
It is a dish and also called He dish that is made of boiled radish, bean curd, cabbage, shallot, pork and chili. The dish is meaningful and symbolizes harvest and the reunion of family.
Sangzhi salted dried bean curd (yan dou fu gan)
It is the famous local specialty made of dried tofu. It has been considered to be very good skin-care food. Since 300-400 years ago, it has been transported to the markets of major cities like Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou and even Beijing, and earned a fame nationwide.
She rice meal
The major material is sticky rice steamed with smoked meat, wild tarragon and other local wild vegetables. For Tujia minority ethnic group, it is not only for their family but also regarded as a great gift for their friends. It is also a traditional herbal meal for the locals.
Tujia wine
The local ethnic Tujia people are expert in making all kinds of wine. Tujia wine can be made from a wealth of materials, for example, brewing from sticky rice, corn, wheat and sorghum.
Chinese gooseberry
It is a kind of famous and great fruit in Zhangjiajie. When the harvest season is coming it is handy to pick Chinese gooseberry in the mountainous area. It tastes fragrant and sweet and is good to health care, because it is rich in vitamin C.

Zhangjiajie Sweet Potato Noodles 
Sweet potato noodles are made of fresh sweet potato or amylum of the sweet potato. The makings of sweet potato noodles can be divided into traditional process and modernize. Sweet potato noodles before eating need further cooking as they are dried ones. They will firstly need to marinate in pure water till they are soft. Then you can stir fry them with pignuts, capsicum sauce or chopped pork; or you can boiled them with spices and other ingredients.

Zhangjiajie Steamed Sliced Pork
Steamed sliced pork is a famous dish for treating guests in Tu Minority. It is cooked by streaky pork. The steamed sliced pork of Tu Minority is fatty but not stodgy. The streaky is often steamed with dried pickles. You can order this dish in almost every restaurant. 

Sanxiaguo Dish

Sanxiaguo Dish is one of famous dish of Zhangjiajie cuisine among of Hanan cuisine (Xiang cuisine), which is one of China's eight most famous regional cuisines with a long history. As early as in Han Dynasty, Xiang cuisine had already formed and the cooking techniques had reached a very high level. Hunan cuisine features peppery and sour taste. Due to its geographical location, the climate in Hunan province is mild and humid. Therefore, most people like to eat pepper for refreshing and staying healthy. The cuisine is deeply favored to become the unique customs of the local diet for using the sour pickles and pepper to cook.

It is said that in Ming dynasty, the imperil court sent the army in Hunan to go to the frontline to fight against the enemy. It chanced that the Chinese New Year is around the corner. In order to keep up with the military plan, the general gave order to celebrate the New Year in advance. The soldiers cooked the bacon, tofu and radish together in a pot, which was called “He Cuisine” in that time. Later, this dish evolved into “Sanxiaguo” cuisine, mainly because it used three ingredients, bacon, tofu and radish to cook this dish. But nowadays, Sanxiaguo not only uses bacon, tofu and radish as its ingredients, but also adds fat intestine, tripe of pork, ox and sheep and other ingredient.

The most famous Sanxiaguo Dish Restaurant is Hushifu Sanxiaguo Restaurant, located in Sanjiaoping, Western Ziwu Road, Yongding District,Zhangjiajie City.

Tujia smoked dishes include smoked pork, salted lamb, salted beef, and salted pig legs. Their sour and spicy dishes consist of sour wild herbs, pickled vegetables, sour pork, sour fish, sour corn mash, and others.

Tujia pickled dishes include pickled pepper, cured meat, cured corn power, and pickled ginger.

Tujia family dishesinclude pumpkin soup, rice tofu, steamed pork with rice, meat with vegetables, stewed chicken with gyrophora, loach soup with bean curd, spicy fish, and other treats.

Recommended Restaurants 

Traveling to Zhangjiajie, you can not only enjoy the fantastic beautiful landsacape, but also the delicious local food and cuisine. Here we would like to recommend some must-go restaurants in Zhangjiajie.

Tujia Qingge Restaurant

Add: Nearby Yellow Dragon Cave,Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City.

Yushishang Restaurant

Add: 2/F,Yichang Square,Huilong Road,Zhangjiajie's Yongding District.

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