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Wherer is Zhangjiajie ? Please read this page to see Zhangjiajie Position Mpa, Zhangjiajie Tourism Map, Zhangjiajie City Map. Zhangjiajie is located in the northwestern of Hunnan Province, 330 kilometers from Changsha, the capital of Hunnan Province, over 1,000 kilometers from both Shanghai and Beijing. Zhangjiajie was thrust into foreigner travelers' eyes after the movie Avatar. The Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar were inspired by Heavenly Pillar in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.Zhangjiajie is famous for its precarious peaks, limpid streams, dense forests, and large karst caves. In 1982, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park became China's first national forest park.In 1992, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain, Suoxiyu, Yangjiajie,Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot, was listed as the World's Natural Heritage.Zhangjiajie has a great potential to rise and become one of the top ten tour destinations in China.

Zhangjiajie Position Map

Zhangjiajie Position in Hunan.pngZhangjiajie In China

Zhangjiajie Tourism Map

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Zhangjiajie City Map

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