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Wanfu Hot Spring

Wanfu Hot Spring is situated at the foot of Wulei Mountain, the 48-Village Scenic Area.It is a national AAAA grade scenic tourist resort, covering more than 300 acres. It is situated at the junction of  Changde-Zhangjiajie expressway, east of Cili County. The resort is adjacent to the World Natural Heritage Site of Wulingyuan, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, and boasts convenient transportation and a spectacular environment. It is an exquisite leisure-based, vacation/tourism resort that combines the Chinese Blessing Culture with Hot Spring Health Culture. 

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Wanfu Hot Springs are self-bay springs.Water here is extremely clear with a consistent temperature of 53 degrees and contains various health-enhancing minerals and trace elements. The resort has 48 charming entertainment activities such as dynamic and static outdoor hot spring pools, and mountain top hot spring surfing and rafting, all hiding in majestic green mountains. Other luxury facilities include a VIP lounge, aromatherapy house, spa cabins with Tujia ethnic features, a Japanese spa house, spa care, and massage.


How to get there?

Wanfu Hot SDpring is at the foot of Wulei Mountain, the 48-Village Scenic Area.Tourists can ake bus from Changde City,Zhangjiajie City or Changsha City to Cili County, then take taxi to Wanfu Hot Spring from Cili Downtown.

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