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The 48-Stockade Scenic Area

The 48-Stockade Scenic Area.including Wulei Mountain, Xingde Mountain, is a new tourism attraction of Zhangjiajie City. The scenic area boasts an area over 40 square kilometers in the eastern Zhangjiajie City's Cili County, which is located in the border of Changde City's Shimen County, Taoyuan County, and Lingli County. With some ancient coustructures, Daoist Temples, rich green forest, beautiful loacal people's villages, and 48 unique natural mountain peaks,The 48-Stockade Scenic Area is the paradise of  trekking tour and Daoist Tour for tourists from home and abroad.

Wulei Mountain

With 997 metres above sea level, Wulei Mountain is the most famous Daoist site in China's Hunan Province. The mountain is located in the eastern of Cili County. Tourist can take half hour's  bus from the downtown of Cili County to the entrance gate of Wulei Mountain. Lots of stone-made constructures here were built in mountainous ranges in ancient China. It was recorded the first Daoist temple was built by Li Jing, a famous general in the early Tang Dynasty. And a complex of constrctures with 36 Palaces, 72 temples,48 villages were finished to build during the Ming Dynasty. Wulei Mountain was as well as named " South Wudang Mountain" , which was also as famous as Wudang Mountain, "North Wudang Mounatin", in Hubei Province.


Xingde Mountain

On the besides of Changsha-Zhangjiajie High-Way, Xingde Mountain is standing in southern of the 48-Stockade Scenic Area. The stone-made temple is locted at the mountainous top site, which has been alone over 1,000 years. Most cliffs are so dangerous that less tourists can make their encourage move their steps to the border of the cliff. With some ancient pines' company, the scenery of Xingde Mountain is getting more and more beautiful.


Chengmen Village

Chengmen Village is located on the top of  mountain between Laopeng Village and Sanwang Village in the 48-Village Scenic Area. The top of the mountain is surrounded by deep cliffs, but only way to the top of the mountain. The wall, 3-20metres height, was built as as city wall to fight against enemy's attacking by ancient Chinese people. It was said the 48-Stockade Scenic Area was once the last site for Li Zicheng to fight against the Qing Dynasty.Li Zicheng was  the famous peasant leader who  ended the Ming Dynasty in 1644, and he also became an emperor at that time. Because of the great power of the Qing Dynasty,  he failed after 47 days and he had to run way from the capital city of Beijing.


Laopeng Village

Laopeng Tujia Village is located in Guangfuqiao Town, Zhangjiajie City's Cili County. This village is a part of the 48-Stockade Scenic Area which borders with Changde City's Shimen and Taoyuan Counties.A stream, with over 5km,comes from Wulei Mountain and snakes in Laopeng Velly, many Tujia buildings are built both sides of the stream.Rich bamboos are always green in the village. Here,the Chinese traditional paper-making progress has been reserved over 1000 years.The Scenery is so picturesque that It's praised as a paradise in the world by most visitors.

1426777816787266_副本.jpg  Laopeng1.jpg

Zhubaowan Canyon (Shuangyun Village)

Zhubaowan Scenic Spot is located in Shuangyun Village,the score of the 48-stockade Scenic Area in east of Zhangjiajie City's Cili County.Zhubaowan means "the pearl canyon" because it was said that lots of treasures and pearls were hidden here by Li Zicheng in 1645.Zhubaowan Scenic Spot is famous for its unique beautiful mountains,historical and cultural relics,as well as crystal waters.A cleaning stream runs from Taiping Mountain and snakes about 2km in the canyon.Entering the canyon,you will be got many attractions in your eyes....More

Zhubaowan Canyon Zhubaowan Canyon

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