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Zhangjiajie Join-In Tour is also Zhangjiajie Bus Tour that is specially organized by us so as to save money for tourists. Zhangjiajie bus tour is an affordable way of discovering the fascinating Zhangjaijie. These bus tours are available daily all the year round. The group tours have attracted people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities globally.

Each morning, you will be picked up from your midtown hotel, then you will go visit the major attractions together with other tourists. Groups are kept to about 15 passengers in an air-conditioned coach or van with a professional chauffeur and a licensed English speaking tour guide on board who will pass on their knowledge of the sites that you visit on your bus tour, including facts, stories and local information.

Zhangjiajie Join-In Tours

4 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

No.0 4 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

The 4 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour is the cheapest Zhangjiajie tour which offers the shuttle bus to visit Tianzi Mountian, Yuanjiajie,Yangjiajie and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, as well as stay 2nights inside Zhangjiajie Park.

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4 Days Zhangjiajie Join_In Tour

No.1 4 Days Zhangjiajie Join_In Tour

4 Days Zhangjiajie Join_In Tour offers 3nts/4days to stay outside Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with top attractions in Zhangjiajie such as , Zhangjiajie National Park, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain ,Suoxiyu, Tianzi Mountain in Wulingyuan Scenic Area.

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3 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

No.2 3 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

3 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour offers 2nts/3days to explore Zhangjiajie National Forest Park including,Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain, Tianzi Mountain, Suoxiyu Ten-mile Gallery in Wulingyuan Scenic Area for you a wonderful and a classic Zhangjiajie trip.

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2 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

No.3 2 Days Zhangjiajie Bus Tour

This 2 Days Zhangjiajie Tour without hotels offers English Speaking Tour Guide, shuttle bus,entrance fees noted in the itinerary, and explore the main spots of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,Tianzi Mountain and Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot in Zhangjiajie City

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2 Days Fenghuang Bus  Tour

No.4 2 Days Fenghuang Bus Tour

2 Days Fenghuang Bus Tour offers a special tour from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix Town by bus,you will have a nice tour to see the beautiful scenery of the Phoenix Ancient Town such as Tuojiang River, the local Tujia and Miao Ethnic people,the stilt houses

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Optional Tours 

Wulingyuan Scenic Area,includes Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot,is the core area of Zhangjiajie Tour. There are many other scenic spots you must visit in Zhangjiajie, such as Tianmen Mountain,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Tujia Folk Customs park, Baofeng Lake,Yellow Dragon Cave,the 48-Village Scenic Area and Fenghuang Ancient Town nearby Zhangjiajie. If you have enogh time you can join in the other Optinal tours in Zhangjiajie. 

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Tour

No.1 Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Tour

Zhangjiajie Bridge Half-Day Tour offers the breathtaking trip in Zhang Grand Canyon, see the Glass Bridge,walk in the beautiful grand canyon to see waterfalls, green plants, wild animals, karst caves, and have a river cruise on the crystal lake.

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Tianmen Mountain Half-Day Tour

No.2 Tianmen Mountain Half-Day Tour

Tianmen Mountain Half-Day Tour offers the breathtaking trip of Tianmen Mountain,explore the six wonders including Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, the Glass Skywalk, the Plank Road, the Connect-Heaven Road, Tianmen Hole, Bonsai Garden and Tianmen Temple.

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Zhangjiajie City  Half- Day Tour

No.3 Zhangjiajie City Half- Day Tour

Zhangjiajie City Half-Day Tour offers the breathtaking trip in Zhangjiajie City including Tujia Folk Customs Park Junsheng Sandstone Institute, Dayangqiao Park , Lishui River and the underground shopping center of Huilong Road in Zhangjiajie City.

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1 Day Zhangjiajie's 48-Village Tour

No.4 1 Day Zhangjiajie's 48-Village Tour

1 Day Zhangjiajie's 48-Village Tour offers one day tour from Zhangjiajie City to the 48-Village Scenic Area with the top atrractions such as Xingde Mountain,Laopeng Village,Shuangyun Village for you an amazing Zhangjiajie rural and cultural tour.

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Important Notice 
1. Zhangjiajie Bus Tour without any Shopping Stops. 
2.On the evening before your bus tour departure early next morning, you will get a call or message from your tour guide to reconfirm your next morning's pickup time which is normally set around 7:00am. 
3. Our pick-up service starts from the hotels in Wulingyuan or Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City.If you stay in an apartment block, please find a nearest hotel as your pickup point.

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