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Zhangjiajie Bicycle Rental

Plan your bicycle tour in Zhangjiajie? For Zhangjiajie, biking is certainly a perfect way to explore this scenic city. And just a short bike ride out of town, cyclists can be transported into a completely rural setting. Thus, bike rental and cycling is something 100% recommended. That is a perfect way to get off the tourist path and enjoy close-up views at your own pace.

There are several guided bicycle tours available to meet our travelers’ need. And also, we provide some different models of mountain bikes - BTWIN, Giant ATX 790/890, XTC770 and TALON770 - for rental, which are the most suitable ones for riding on the cycling path in Zhangjiajie.

We also have some of the top bicycle technicians of Zhangjiajie, with many cheaper and more comfortable bicycles available for you, big differences and amusement will be found when you on our self-assemble bikes!

Price of Bike Rental in Zhangjiajie

Tandem Bicyle (18 speed)
Front seat suitable for 1.6M height and above, 18 speed shifter, for urban areas only.
Half Day Rate (4 hours) ¥100
Rate for one day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) ¥200
Available: Near Downtown of Zhangjiajie
BTWIN Mountain Bikes
Vintage 21 inch mountain bikes, with sturdy 21 speed change.
Half Day Rate (4 hours) ¥50
Rate for one day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)¥100
Available: Near Zhangjiajie Train/Bus Station

Giant XTC 770Giant ATX 790/890Self Asemble Mountain Bike
21 inch Giant mountain bikes, with Shimano DEORE 27 Speed shifter.17, 18, and 19 inch Giant mountain bikes,with Shimano 27 speed shifter.15,17,19 inch high-performance mountain bikes, with Shimano 24 Speed shifter.
Half Day Rate (4 hours)   ¥50
Rate for one day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)  ¥100
Available: Near Downtown of Zhangjiajie
Half Day Rate (4 hours)¥60
Rate for one day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)¥120
Available: Near Downtown of Zhangjiajie
Half Day Rate (4 hours) ¥50
Rate for one day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) ¥100
Available: Near Downtown of Zhangjiajie


1. To rent a bicycle, your identity card or passport is needed as a security deposit. Or you can pay cash at RMB250/500/800/1800 or more for each bike based on their original price. 
2. It is suggested to call us by local phone to 0744-8399989 before going to our office if possible to ensure enough time to prepare everything as sometimes we are out for bike groups. 
3. Bike rental includes helmets.
4. Renting bikes from 4:00pm is regarded as a bike rental for a whole day as we will be off work after 6:00pm and you can only return bike the next morning. 
5. Locks are not supplied for bike rentals as it is quite easy you will lost it when visiting somewhere inside like parks, supermarket, etc. Be with your bikes, it is suggested for outdoor fun and do not leave it alone in urban and crowded areas of Zhangjiajie.

Where to rental a bike with us in Zhangjiajie?

You can rental our bikes based on where you are; we have three addresses available for your rentals.

1. When you are near Zhangjiajie train station, please visit our company address at: Rom 032,the 4th Floor,Zhangjiajie China Travel Service Co.,Ltd, Zhangjiajie Center Bus Station ( on the left hand of Zhangjiajie Railway Station.(张家界市火车站左侧 张家界中心汽车站大楼 张家界中旅4楼 055室)

Position Map of CTS,Zhangjiajie Office of Zhangjiajie CTS

How to book a Bicycle Rental or Bicycle Tour ?

Booking in advance is highly appreciated especially on weekends, please send us an email to sales@visitaroundchina.com. You can call us at 0086 744 8399989(Working Hours from Mon.to Fri.or contact our biking leader John Tang for bike rental with local cell phone to No. 13574472266 at anytime).

Recommended budget one day Zhangjiajie cycling tour to countryside for small groups.


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