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Tengtou Village

Zhejiang Xikou4.jpgTengtou Village is a typical Chinese village, where you can see the distinctive plants and watch the animals perform. Most interestingly, you can pick strawberries (late December~ early May), honey peaches (mid July~ mid August), and grapes (late July ~ early September) yourself. Also, you can grind soybean milk with your own hands, tread the waterwheel, and play featured local games. There are some Chinese gardens in the village as well as an orange grove, and a one thousand-year-old apricot tree.

The village is separated into two parts. The eastern area is characterized by agri-tourism, and is famous for its fountain square and a garden full of potted landscapes. Visitors can have a lot of fun here: appreciating the precious plants, rowing a boat on the lake, joining the pig racing game, feeding the ducks and doing the cross-gender imitation shows. The western area is famous for its rose garden, picking activities and games, such as delivering the grain with a wheelbarrow, grinding soybean milk, making straw sandals and so on.

There are additional activities in Tengtou Village you can take part in, like bonfire parties, camping, and the game "round up the enemy spies". Moreover, the farm work consists of various labor activities in the fields, which will help you experience rural life in southern China.

Travel Tips

Entrance fee: CNY 80

Opening hours:08:00-18:00


Ningbo~Xikou: take the bus Ningbo to Xikou at the Ningbo South Bus Station and get off at Xikou. It takes about one hour. The first bus is at 6:30 while the last is at 18:40, and the buses departs every 10~20 minutes. About CNY 10 is needed.

Xikou Tourist Area~Tengtou Village:
(1) Take the Fenghua 29 bus at Xikou bus station, and get off at Tengtou station, which takes about one hour;
(2) Take a taxi to Tengtou, costing about CNY 25.

Ningbo~Tengtou Village: Take the bus Ningbo to Fenghua at the Ningbo Bus Station and get off at Sanheng. Then take the bus Fenghua to Xikou or the bus Fenghua to Tangyun and get off at Tengtou Village.

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