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Zhedong Grand Canyon

Zhedong Garnd Canyon, is located in north of Huading Mountain,Ninghai County, east of Zhejiang Province. With beautiful natural scenery and crystal water, it is a paradise for visitors to spend summer holiday.

Zhedong Grand Canyon Scenic Area includes 8 scenic spots,such as Baixi Lake, Baixi Stream Dasong Stream, Shuangfeng Forest Park. It has been opened to tourists about 3 km only. Tourisits can have Baixi Lake cruise at first, and then hike to the Moon Bay in the Zhedong Grand Canyon.

Baixi Lake: With green and crystal water sur, Baixi Lake is a man-made lake which was built in 1970s. It will take you half hour by boat from the Jetty to the entrance of the Zhedong Grand Canyon. 

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