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Baizhangji Scenic Area

Zhejiang.jpgBaizhangji Scenic Area is a 4A-class National Scenic Zone and also a supporting scenic zone among Top 10 scenic zones in Wencheng County of Zhejiang Province. It was rated as Top 10 Scenic Zones of Wenzhou in 2009, “Top 10 Waterfalls of China” in 2013, and was also certificated by the World Guinness as “the Highest Waterfall of China”.

Baizhangji Scenic Zone, located on the peak of mountains with altitude between 300 to 638 meters in the north of Wencheng County, is 3 km in depth and 4.75 km in area. The waterfalls are blessed with different characteristics, with the first one magnificent, the second one peculiar and the third one peaceful. The upstream of the waterfall has a catchment area of more than 200 km , which enables all streams sink into a deep pool and forms a terraced group of 20  waterfalls with the first one 333 meters high, the second one 333 meters deep and the last one 333 meters wide. The first fall, with 207 meters Baizhangji Watefall2.jpghigh, is praised as “the first waterfall in the world”; the second fall with 68 meters high, contains a water curtain cave; the third fall, like a piece of white cloth, stretches along the 3-km-long beautiful valley. 

The waterfalls match well with Yifan Peak, Nib Peak, Eagle Peak, a rock like Guanyin sending a baby and Peak of Guanyin's Finger. Other natural and cultural landscapes include Tao's Alchemy Platform, Luo Yinxiu Waterfall Viewing Cliff, Guanyin Cave, Three Sage Temple, Relic of Lv Dongbin?s Cottage, Liu Ji Waterfall Viewing Terrace, Rock Bumping Waterfall, Sea Turtle Waterfall, House of Immortals, Eight Immortals Rock, Eight Commandments Rock, Tianwang Lyra, Concave Waterfall, Eagle Peak, General Cliff, Golden Cat Cave, Tongtian Ridge, Nib Peak, Tianmen, Peacock's Tail, Lions playing with the Pearl, Taoran Pavilion, Qinxin Pavilion, Guanpu Pavilion, Zhifeng Pavilion, Lingyun Pavilion. 

Add: Baizhangji Town, Wencheng County, Wenzhou Contact: Chen Zengqing 

Tel: 13868668896

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