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Zhengzhou Overview

Zhengzhou, the tourist center of central China, is one of the eight ancient capitals of China and the capital city of Henan Province at present. Being a famous city of rich culture and glorious history, with its booming economy, Zhengzhou is now an Henan mapimportant modern open city of inland China, rising rapidly in business and trade. With her advantageous geographic position, it functions as an important bridge in the national economic development.

Zhengzhou Facts
Area: about 7,446 square km (almost 2,875 square miles)
Resident Population: 8.857 million
Area Code: 0371
Zip Code: 450000
City Flower: China rose


Located at the south bank of the Yellow River and the east of the Songshan Mountain, Zhengzhou connects Kaifeng, the ancient capital of seven dynasties, in the east, and Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties, in the west.

Zhengzhou is situated to the south of the Yellow River where its valley broadens into the great plain and at the eastern extremity of the Xionger Mountains. Zhengzhou is at the crossing point of the north–south route skirting the Taihang Mountains and the mountains of western Henan and the east–west route along the southern bank of the Yellow River.
Administrative Division: The prefecture-level city of Zhengzhou administers 12 county-level divisions, including 6 districts, 5 county-level cities and 1 county.


As one of the earliest residential areas of the ancient Chinese, Zhengzhou is called the cradle of Chinese ancient civilization with her long history. It was once the first acknowledged capital city in the history of China named Bo in the Shang Dynasty and this brings the history of Chinese capitals 300 years earlier...More


With the Huanghuai Plain in the southeast, it has the typical continental monsoon climate of medium latitudes with distinct seasons as well as an annual average temperature of 14.3 ℃. Among the four seasons, the spring and the autumn are ideal for tourism...More

Zhengzhou Tourism

Songshan MountainThere are more than 150 tour attractions of various types in Zhengzhou, characterized by beautiful natural scenery, heavy historical flavor, the origin of culture and the Chinese Kung fu. Among them, the world’s famous Songshan Shaolin Temple is regarded as the holy land of Chinese Buddhism as well as the cradle of Shaolin Kung fu. The Grand Sight of Yellow River, the Yellow River tour area and the Huayuankou tour area reveal a marvelous picture to tourists -- the rich culture and the glorious history of the Yellow River and her colorful folk customs. The Native Place of Emperor Huangdi shows tourists a land which gave birth to Chinese civilization.For anyone interested in Chinese ancient history and wishing to know more on it, Zhengzhou is one city that should not be missed. ..More


Zhengzhou, a city flavored with rich history, is the host of colorful folk customs and various festivals.

The impressive Zhengzhou International Shaolin Kung fu Festival

The Memorial Ceremony of Emperor Huangdi

The Crab Festival of the Yanming Lake

The Watermelon Festival of Zhongmou County

The Zhongyue Temple Fair, 

The Performance of Shaolin Kung fu. 


Nestled in central China, Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province. It is an important transport hub for air lines, rails and highways in China so that flight, train and long-distance bus services are all very convenient in the city. In addition, Zhengzhou hosts some historical and cultural scenic spots. Easy travels with these means of transportation bring a large number of tourists. The convenient city-buses, taxis and subways also satisfied many tourists. If you would like to tour the surrounding areas/cities, the intercity trains and buses are of great help.

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