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Zhuhai Travel Guide

Located at the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai is one of the five special economic zones in China. It faces Hong Kong in the east across the sea and joins Macau in the south. Also, it is close to many other cities in Guangdong Province.As one of the most romantic cities in the world, Zhuhai is located at the south of the Tropic of Cancer, Guangdong Province, with a sheltered location on the South Climates with glorious sunshine all year long. Zhuhai is a luxurious garden paradise where colorful flowers bloom all year long. In 1999, Zhuhai was honored as' The International Award for Most Improved Living Environment’ by the United Nations. Thus through the efforts of city planners and enlightened government, Zhuhai has become internationally famous as one of the Most Livable Places for People in the entire world.

Owing to its scientific and rational urban planning and sustainable and rapid economic growth, Zhuhai City becomes one of the most suitble cities for human sttlement for which it reputed at home and abroad. According to statistics, the per capita annual disposable income and GDP of Zhuhai City rank first among medium-sized and large cities in the country. Urban residents of Zhuhai City are culturally advanced and well-off and live and work in peace and contentment.

Facts of ZhuhaiGuangdong MapChinese Name: 珠海 (Zhu Hai)

English Name: Zhuhai

Location: E11334', N22°17'
Land Area: 1,653 square kilometers (about 638 square miles)
Resident Population: 1,491,200
Area Code: 0756
Zip Code: 519000
Byname: City of a Hundred Islands

Geography of Zhuhai 

Standing on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River to the South China Sea, Zhuhai is a gardenlike coastal city with 146 charming islands. Zhuhai City, set up in 1979, is situated at the southern part of Guangdong Province, P.R. China. It is 140 km away from Guangzhou, stands on the western bank of the Pearl River estuary and is adjacent to South China Sea, borders Hong Kong and Shenzhen to the east by 36 nautical miles and Macao to the south by land. It lies between North Latitude 21° 48′~22°27′ and East Longitude 113°03′~114°19′, The land area covers 1,653 km² and sea area,6,000 km², including 146 islands. 
Population: Zhuhai’s population is today over 1.2 million people with many of its highly educated and talented citizens coming from different regions of China, In the past 20 years, locals and new immigrants to the city have worked shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand to build their home together and make it a modern comfortable city in which to live and raise their children.
Administrative Division: Three administrative districts: Xiangzhou District, Doumen District and Jinwan District. Five economic functional zones: Zhuhai National New and High Technology Industrial Development Zone;Zhuhai Free Trade Zone; Wanshan Ocean Development and Exemplary Zone; Hengqin Economy & Technology Development Zone; Zhuhai Harbor Industry Zone.

What to see in Zhuhai ?

With its amazing large green area, Zhuhai city is a modern ecotypic resort. The beautiful Jingshan Road and Qinglu Road (Lovers' Road) add romantic atmosphere to this city. In 1990s, the city as a whole was selected as one of the top 40 tourist attractions in China. And in 1998, it won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. Since then, the city has become known to the world as a most suitable place for human living.

Top attractions in Zhugai:

When to visit Zhuhai?

Located in a low latitude area along the southern coast of China, Zhuhai has a subtropical marine climate. It enjoys sufficient sunlight and large quantity of heat. However it is frequently ravaged by the tropical monsoon from south Asia and by thunder storms, sometimes even typhoons in May, June and July. Zhuhai weather generally is warm and humid with abundant rainfall, 90% of which concentrates on the rainy season from May to October.The annual temperature of Zhuhai averages 22.3C (about 72.1F). Summer is not very hot that the temperature peaks at 36C (about 96.8F) during months from June to August. Winter there is mild and sweaters are sufficient in the coldest months of January and February. So the half year from November to the next April is good to visit the city and the best times are March, April, November, and December.

Zhuhai Transportation
By Air: Zhuhai Airport, launched on June 18, 1995, is one of the largest, most advanced civil airports in China. The terminal building covers 93,000 square meters of floor area. It is designed to handle 100,000 takeoffs and landings per year. The annual passenger volume is 12 million trips. The freight volume is 400,000 tons per year. There are flights from Zhuhai Airport to more than 30 major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu.,
By Water: Zhuhai Harbor has eight harbor areas, including Gaolan, Jiuzhou and Guishan. It is a key harbor on the South China coast. Currently, Zhuhai Harbor has 95 berths. The total length of docks is about 6,500 m, of which nine berths can be used to moor 10,000 dwt ships. The total annual volumes of freight and passenger transportation are 20.15 million tons and 8.45 million trips, respectively. Its high-speed passenger ferries regularly serve Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
By Bus: With a tital road mileage of 1,017 km, Zhuhai has formed a communications network based on high-grade trunk roads linking all nearby towns and districts, ports of entry, airports, harbors, etc. Major transportation links such as the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, South China Coastal Expressway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway and Hongng-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge make transport to and from Zhuhai most convenient Ko

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