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Longchuan County

Yunnan Map.jpgLongchuan County is located in Dehong Prefecture of China's Yunnan Province. Like a glittery emerald studded on the southwest frontier of Yunnan Province, the county of Longchuan shares mountains and rivers with Myanmar. As friendly neighbors, Longchuan and Myanmar have their villages face to each other along the boarder lines. In fact, Longchuan has become an important port for the business transactions and trades between the peoples of the two countries.

Top things to do in Longchuan

With its long history, brilliant culture, strongly amorous feelings, beautiful landscapes, unique folk customs and simple-hearted folk style, Longchuan is a bonanza to be explored and a dreamy paradise in the world.

Meet Jingpo Ethnic People 

Longchuan is a folk fairyland inhabited by multi-ethnical peoples. In this territory of 1,931 square kilometers live many minorities, including Jingpo, Dai, Lisu, A’chang and Deang. In fact, Longchuan is the largest inhabited area of the Jingpo people in China because nearly one third of the Jingpo people in the whole country are living here.  Longchuan has got another name as Mengwan, meaning 'place in the sunshine'. For a long time, these minorities have got along well with each other in harmony. Each supplies what the other needs in trade. Encouraged by the spirit of unity and deploitation, they have initiated the glory of Longchuan yesterday and are creating the resplendence of Longchuan today.

In Longchuan county seat, a dwelling of Jingpo people, visitors can easily find many spacious and good-looking residential buildings, rows of rows of commercial buildings in unique modeling, and many broad and smooth commercial streets for trade of different industrial sectors. All these turn Longchuan into an earthly fairyland. Friends from the whole world, welcome to Longchuan.

Know Jingpo's Daily Life in Nature and Harmony

Jingpo people regard themselves as offspring of great mountains. With the blue sky over their heads and mountains under their feet, they make a living in purity and simplicity by planting, hunting and spinning. Like peoples of other nationalities, Jingpo people get up to work at sunrise and retire at sunset. On the other hand, however, they are different from others. In slack season, the Jingpo men go out hunting while the women stay at home pounding rice, taking care of children and spinning. Hunting is the oldest productive activity of mountainous nationalities. The sword is men's symbol for their adulthood and the gun their pride. On hedges of many households hang the horns of the games to show the male host's achievements. Spinning is the traditional house handcraft of Jingpo women. In fact, Jingpo people's turbans, silver-bubble clothes, handkerchiefs and tight skirts are made of their self-prepared brocades. Now, these beautiful articles are no longer confined to themselves and have become characteristic souvenirs of their ethnical culture for tourists.

Enjoy Jingpo 's Folk Musical Instruments of Unique Features

Jingpo people have diversified traditional musical instruments that fall in three categories: pipe instrument, plucked instruments and percussion instrument. The traditional pipe instruments include Lerong, Dongba, and Turen, Bazha, introduced from abroad by Jingpo people in 1930s, is similar to the Scottish windpipe. The plucked instruments include Sanxian and Kouxian. The percussion instruments include gongs in large, medium, and small sizes, cymbals, wooden drums, elephant-leg-shaped drums, and foreign drums. The folk musical instruments of Jingpo people give loud and clear sounds of ethnical characteristics, expressing people's forceful vigor, tender passion, and heroic enthusiasm.

Jingpo Munao Zongge festival was lauded as “the most influential festival” and China-Myanmar Baobo carnival, which will be held annually in Ruili, was acclaimed as “the most potential festival”.As the grandest and largest traditional festival of Jingpo people, Munao Zongge means gathering for dancing. During the festival, hundreds of thousands of people will dance together in accordance with the same rhythm, which is really spectacular and impressive.

See the Beautiful Scenery

Within the boundary of Longchuan, there are plenty of uniquely pleasing scenery attractions, among which are wide basins, the rolling Nanwan River, high Jingpo mountains, the lofty Jade Rabbit Pagoda, the old Huangge Temple and the green Jingpo gardens. Here, there are shiny Achang swords, grand dance involving ten thousands of dancers, sweet Jingpo songs, the natural green-leaf banquet and florid ethnical costumes, with which a multicolored world is formed. 

Longchuan County is an Elysian place in the sunshine, a place having experienced great changes of long history. And it  is the hometown of the Munao Zongge Dance of China. it offers its splendid rays all around like the sun.

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