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Climate of Hunan

How about weather in Hunan? Hunan belongs to the mid-subtropical moist zone continental monsoon climate. It enjoys a mild Click here to check Hunan Weatherclimate with four clearly-defined seasons.It has average annual sunshine of 1,300-1,800 hours,with annual average temperature is 16°C-18°C, a frost-free period of 260-310 days, and a mean annual precipitation of 1,200-1,700 mm. 

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Weather Forecasting in the hunan province,I hope you always know the weather in advance and get prepared for it. Temperature, smog condition, wind velocity, wind speed and direction, humidity and Climate information, find out the best time to visit China and find the weather forecast of china in the future 7 days. The temperature dropped a lot, You should protect yourself from catching a cold.

Characteristics of Hunan Climate and Weather

Hunan has a humid continental and subtropical monsoon climate. Its climate has three characteristics: 

1. It has abundant sunshine, heat and water resources, and they reach their peak synchronously. During the period from April to October, the total radiation amount is 70-76% of the whole year, and rainfall accounts for 68-84% of the total. 

2. The temperature always changes in spring, but always declines abruptly in the autumn. There is much rainfall in spring and summer, while drought always appears in autumn and winter. 

3. The areas with an abruptly changeable climate are surrounded by mountains in three directions, especially in the mountainous regions in west and south Hunan.

Hunan Climate & Weather by season

In Spring: 

Spring starts in March and ends in May. It's getting warmer and warmer in Spring although the temperature always changes,and all plants are getting green,all flowers,such as peach , cherry ,rape, aprico,azalea flowers ,are blooming.It's the best season to enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming for visitors in Spring.

In Summer: Summer begins in Jun and ends in Aug, it is hot but there is much rainfall in summer.When spring goes to summer, the weather is moist and rainy. Especially during the March and April days, it is always rainy.During the summer days, it is hot and the wind blows southeastward because of low- latitude maritime warm and humid air mass hovering Hunan province.But it is high season for domestic tourists in summer holiday,lots of domestic people visit Zhangjiajie and Xiangxi to escape summer holiday,and have a rafting tour on Mengdong River.

In Autumn: 

It is fine in autumn but doesn’t rain a lot.

In Winter:

In fluenced by Siberian cold snap in winter, it blows northwest winds and often pours snow in Hunan Province.

Best Time to visit Hunan 

Scenery in Hunan Province show its beauties in different seasons, hence the best time to visit Hunan will accordingly change.Changsha, the capital city of Hunan, is a nice tourist destination during the whole year except summer for the intense heat. However, autumn is the best season to visit Changsha, because the red autumnal leaves cover all over Yuelu Mountain and Juzi Island is the most beautiful during this time. For visiting Zhangjiajie City, spring and autumn should be the best seasons, for the pretty peach blossom in spring, and the colorful autumnal leaves and delicious fruits in autumn.

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