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Shopping in Hunan

Shopping tour is rich and colorful in Hunan.If you travel in Hunan, Hunan Embroidery,Silk products,Hunan Tea are the most popular to buy.Certainly you can also buy more special products which you like at supermarket or store in Changsha, Zhangjiajie,Shaoshan,Yueyang,and Phoenix Town.All tour guides of VistAroundChina are forbidden to force any clients of ours to buy anythings.

What to buy in Hunan ?

Top 10 Agricultural Brands

Based on online voting via Wechat platform and expert review, ten agricultural brands were selected: Anhua Dark Tea, Guzhang Maojian Tea, Baojing Huangjin (Gold) Tea, Qianyang Bingtang Sweet Oranges, Yanling Yellow Peaches, Jiangyong Pomelos, Huarong Leaf Mustard, Yuanjiang Asparaguses, Xinhuang Yellow Cattles, Ningxiang Pigs, and Hanshou Softshell Turtles (Trionychidae). The last two stood side by side.Director of the Hunan Provincial Agriculture Committee Liu Zonglin announced Hunan’s Top 10 Agricultural Brands 2016 at a press conference on February 17, 2017.

Hunan Tea
Jnger Suger
          Hunan Tea          Ginger Sugur          Kiwi in Xiangxi
Hunan Embroidery

      Hunan Embroidery      Miao's Silver Ornaments          Tujia Batik

        Tuortoes Stone         Chrysanthemum Stone      Li Junsheng and his Sticky Painting 
             Liling Porcelain          Xinghuang Borneol           Guzhang Maojian Tea

Where to buy?

The Pedestrian Street in Huang Xing Road, which starts from Simenkou in the north, and ends at Nanmenkou in the south, is a comprehensive street integrating shopping, leisure, recreation, restaurants and tourism. With a large number of shops, which are always crowded with customers, the pedestrian street is full of modern atmosphere. It is a good place for doing shopping, as well as a window for people to understand Changsha. Here you can purchase many traditional local specialities in Changsha such as Hunan embroidery,chrysanthemum stone curving and red porcelain.

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