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Dayuan Miao Ancient Village

Dayuan Miao Ancient Village is located in Suining County.The villagers welcome visitors by a warm dance by some beautiful girls.The village showcase beautiful traditional architecture of Miao people surrounded by a beautiful bamboo forest. 

Dayuan Miao Ancient Village , Suining CountyDayuan Miao Ancient Village , Suining County


It's amazing how the people of the village still hold their original customs, rich and colorful connotation, values and way of life dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasty (1368-1912). It really is like looking into a piece of history, only it is still present without much influence from the outside modern technology and advances. From here you can see a rather strongly built wooden ancient bridge known as Dingyuan Bridge. The day is concluded with a lighting ceremony with more traditional performances and encounters with more foreigners who have come to see the beautiful village.

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