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Changti'ai Village

 Lying on the border of Hunan Province and Hubei Province,Changti'ai Village  is a Tujia Ethnic Minority Village which is located in Luoping Township,Shimen County,Northwest of Hunan Province's Changde City.In the Mingdyasty(1368-1644), a pass was built in the dangerous area in the village and it looked like a long leader. So the village was also called Changti'ai Village.Changti'ai means Long leader pass.

The Changti'ai village has its unique scenery, profound rural culture, colorful folk customs, and orderly management. It is not only a wonderful home for local farmers, but also the best scenic area for urban residents to linger with their rural nostalgia.In 2014, it was selected as one of the China's Best Leisure Countrysides.

The 2014 China Best Leisure Countryside activity was initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, aiming to further boost the construction of an ecological civilization and beautiful China project. After a process of local recommendations and experts’ evaluations, 100 villages were elected as China’s most beautiful leisure villages in 2014; 140 farming landscapes were rated as China’s beautiful farmlands in 2014.

Discovery of Hunanese in Ancient Time

180 fossil human teeth were seen in a cave around the Changti'ai Village In April 2011. With rich karst landform, Changti'ai village has many karst caves, sky holes and stone forest. And the caves were the houses for human to live in ancient times.

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