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Hunan Spring Travel Guide

Spring stars from March in each year.After a long  cold winter, spring has finally arrived  in Hunan. This welcome change in the weather also brings a vast array of different types of flowers which can be seen right across the province. 

The best places to visit in Spring

In recent years, visitors to the region have been pleasantly surprised by their “distinct fragrance and charm”. If you would like to experience this for yourself, visit Hunan and witness a masterpiece that we guarantee you will never forget.

Yuelu Hill

Flower Varieties: sakura, camellia, azalea, winter jasmine, crape myrtle flower 
Bloom season: March, April 

Oraneg Island

Flower Varieties: plum blossom, peach blossom 
Bloom season: March, April

As the fourth solar term of the year, the Spring Equinox signals the equal length of the day and night time. After the equinox, the sun moves northwards, resulting in gradually longer day time in the Northern Hemisphere and longer night in the Southern Hemisphere. It brings warmer temperature and more rain to the southern China.

From north to south, the island has five distinctive arboreal areas. These include; sweet olive, peach blossom, plum blossom, bamboo, and orange trees. Now, there are now over 20 plum trees and 400 peach trees near the western road and the Duxue Building is also decorated with an abundance of different types of flowers. The flourishing season is expected to start at the end of March. A 60,000 square-meter plum and peach blossom area provides a magnificent view for visitors.

Taohuayuan Scenic Area  
Flower Variety: Peach Blossom 
Bloom season: March 
Address: Taoyuan County, Changde City 
How to Get There: Drive from Changsha through the Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway, Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway and G319 to Taohuayuan Scenic Area. 
Tips: When the peach blossoms are in prime, you can enjoy a good and intoxicating view near the Shuixi Village, 15kms away from the south-western Taoyuan County, Changde.

Fenghuang Ancient Town 
Flower Varieties: Peach Blossom 
Bloom season: March 
Address: Fenghuang Ancient Town, Xiangxi 
How to Get There: Drive from Changsha through the Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway and Changsha-Jishou Expressway to Jishou City, and then to Fenghuang. 
Tips: When spring arrives, you can witness beautiful peach blossoms like rosy clouds, 2km down the lower reaches of Tuojiang River.

If you have eyes only for some certain variety, try to find its most flourishing area and immerse yourself in the flowery sea.

Azalea (bloom season: mid April-early May)

Shaoshan: Abounds with red azalea.

Mount Mangshan, Chenzhou: There are 43 species of azalea in the forest district of Mount Mangshan.

Nanshan Mountain, Shaoyang: Over 10,000 mu (a mu=0.0667 hectare) of azalea plants in Chengbu Nanshan Ranch.

Mount Dawei, Liuyang: Numerous azaleas bloom on Mount Dawei at the altitude of 1600 m.

Yanlingshennong Valley, Zhuzhou: There are over 10,000 mu of wild Rhododendron fortunei and about 30,000 mu of wild azalea spreading over the nearby hills.

Dove Tree (Davidia involucrata) (bloom season: April-May)

Zhangjiajie: Contains ancient specimens of Davidia involucrata which can be considered living fossils.

Yueyang Address: Mount Wujianshan, Chennan Town, Linxiang

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