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Li Junsheng and his Sticky Painting

Mr Li Junsheng was born  in Zhangjiajie in 1963 .He  created Tujia Sticky Painting in 1986,and opened Junsheng Sticky Painting Institute in 1997.Nowadays,Tujia Sticky Paintings are another local specialty which is popular with tourists in Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan.  He posted dip paintings on plywood. This painting does not use rice papers, paint, brush or ink. The paint raw material is sand, barks, bamboo shells and tattered rag.


These materials are quite ordinary in the eyes of ordinary people. They are just some scrap, even the used-goods stores do not take them. Once they come to the hands of Li Junsheng, they become a "national treasure" after creation. The paintings of Wulingyuan landscapes and ancient village of western Hunan style with this material is lifelike and beautiful. These paintings have noted by the people at home and abroad.


The scenery on these paintings is simple, bright and rich with three-dimensional sense. At the same time, they are easy to carry. So they are popular for tourist. Visitors can buy some of these paintings as a souvenir or as a special gift to send to your friends. You can definitely buy it home. It will be a perfect decoration with the oriental atmosphere.

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