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A nice tour in Furong Ancient Town

Furong Ancient Town is located in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, south central China's Hunan Province. Guided by Mr John, manager at Visitaroundchina,i started my touring to the amazing site at 9:00 am today. It's 98km away from the downtown of Zhangjiajie, Mr Qin,  a good driver, drived the car along the road in mountainous area. After 2.5hours driving  from Zhangjiajie, we arrived in Furong Ancient Town.

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"With onver 2,000 years history, Furong Town was originally named Wangcun Town." Mr John said" This town was first founded by the King Tusi as the capital of Youyang County in the year of 202 BC, during the West Han Dynasty. The town was built on the river side of You Shui River, a branch of of Yuan River, one of the four longest rivers in Hunan Province,and it had been one of the most important water ways without railways, airplanes and highways in ancient times. "

 ◎ What to see ?

→ The Great Waterfall in Furong Ancient Town

Founded on the slope of the hills, Furong Ancient Town is nearby water and rivers. The great waterfall is natural with 60 meters width and 40 mters height, which is the largest waterfalls in west Hunan Province. In the early summer of Hunan, today i followed Mr John to walk carefully along the path at the foot of the crystal and waite waterfall.

→ The King Tusi's Summer Palace

There is are complex buildings which are all made by wood hanged on the river side nearby the great waterfall in Furong Ancient Town. Mr John informed me it was  the summer palace of King Tusi in ancient times. And Furong Town was also the capital of King tusi before 1949. This kind of building is named " Hanging Building" and  usually called " Diaojiaolou" in Chinese,which is a traditional archetecture style of Tujia  and Miao Ethnic Minorities in West Hunan.

Stone Street.jpg Furong Ancient Town.jpg

→ The Stone Street

The Stone Street snakes about 1km from the jetty of the You Shui River to the parking of the Furong Ancient Town.  Followed Mr John, i walked up-stars slowly and to see many shops and restaurants on both side of the stone treet. Local Tujia People are clever to make some good handcrafts with bamboos, and wave Tujia batic. Especially i found some local people making cigarates by the traditional machines. Here you can buy some special goods that you could not find in any other cities.

Rice Tufu.jpg

→ Liu Xiaoqing's Rice Tufu

Liu Xiaoqing is one of the most famous actress in China. She once acted as a peasant woman to live on saling Rice Tufu on the Movie <Furong Town> in 1986. After the move was pot on in China in 1980s,  Wangcun Town, the former name of Furong Town had been known widely by Chinese so that lots of people came here to visit. And nowadsy, the name of Wangcun has beeb recalled as Furong Town. Furong is a kind of flower to plants widely in Hunan Province. So Furong Ancients is also named Lutos Ancient in English. John explained to me.

It is  must-do to taste Liu Xiaoqing's Rice Tufu while you tour in Furong  Ancient Ancient, John told me and he invite me warmly to have a bowl of Rice Tufu at the site of No.133 Restaurant. Five Yuan per bowl, It is cheaper and very nice. Really, any once should not miss this!

◎ Travel Tips

  1. Entrance fees: 120 Yunan

  2. Openning Time: 08:00-19:00

  3. Visiting Time: 1 hour's walking

  4. Best Time to visit: Spring, Summer

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