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South Great Wall of China

The South Great Wall is locted in Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, South Central China's Hunan Province. The wall  starts north from Xiqueying (Xique military camp) of Guzhang county in western Hunan Province and south to Huanghuiying (Huanghui military camp) of Tongren City in Guizhou Province. With a length of 190 miles with a reputation of "Thousands of Wall in Miao Area", It is one of the greatest ancient architecture in China. 


The section of the South Great Wallfor visiting is located close to Huangsiqiao ancient town, about 10Km away from Fenghuang city. The rulers of the Ming Dynasty built it for the purpose of military usage to defend the kingdom against the Mio people of the south. The wall is about 3 meters high and its basement is about 2 meters wide. It revolves around mountains and cuts across water. The most part of it is built on the precipitous ridges. 

There are more than 800 whistle terraces, gun emplacements, blockhouses, and outposts used for stationing troops and defending. At that time, often there is a troop of 4,000 to 5,000 soldiers. Now two sections of the wall are still standing: one is in Liaojiaqiao Town and the other in Jixing Town. The section in Liaojiaqiao Town has been renovated 1,780 meters for visitors to appreciate.The Southern Great Wall is a symbol to present the politics, economy, military and culture of Ming Dynasty. It is a site for people to study the history about the ethnic groups situation in the past time.

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