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Furong Ancient Town

b6.jpgFurong Ancient Town ,also called Lotus Ancient Town, is located in Yongshun county, Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, South Central China's Hunan Province. It's about 90km away from Zhangjiajie City,and 75km away from Jishou City. Furong Ancient Town is the site of former Youyang City in Qin and Han Dynasties. It is the door of Mengdong River waterway tour and the south gate of Mengdong River Scenic Spot. Now adays, the transportation of Furong Town, including train,highway,as well as waterway, is very convenient.With over 2,000 years' history, Furong Town is originally named Wangcun. It is an ancient town where Tujia Ethnic  people live together. Untill now, in the town, pavement laid with black flagstones and ancient domestic house ( mainly Diaojiaolou ) are well preserved. The famous movie Furong Town directed by Xiejin was shot here in 1985. At Furong Town, you must take the local specialty, “rice tofu.”It is said that the most genuine shop was in the vicinity of torii. That shop is the rice tofu shop in the movie.


The scenery in the town has unique bearing. Shops with trap doors are on the both sides of five-mile street of black flagstone. Tujia Diaojiaolou are set up against the slope. The simple bearing of Tujia Minority is very charming. In the Warring States Period, “Xizhou Copper Pillar” set as a war covenant made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman remains as before. On “Xizhou Copper Pillar”, key cultural relic under state protection, more than 2300 characters are inscribed, the covenant of dismissing troops and reconciling made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman in 940 AD. is recorded. It is a precious object data of studying nation relation in ancient China.


Besides, there is Wangcun waterfall which is about 60 meters high and 70 meters wide here. Walking behind the hanging screen of the waterfall is like placing oneself in a crystal palace.Furong Town is the only road to Mengdong River. Arriving at Mengdong River railway station by taking a special train for tourism at Zhangjiajie, you will find that Furong Town is nearby. The specific train schedule may be looked up at Mengdong River communication timetable.

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